April 30, 2021

Call To Action

by Kelly Jones (author's profile)



I mentioned this in a previous post and after having to deal with it for so long, have decided to ask for your help to end this practice.
Our toilets are now set up so that if you flush it twice within 5 minutes, it will lock you out for an hour before you can flush again.
This is unsanitary, unhealthy, and just plain disgusting. Plus, this unsanitary practice is going on during the COVID-19 pandemic.
First, we're locked in cells with another person and shouldn't be forced to subject both people to the smell of feces for 5 minutes between each flush.
Further, if you accidentally do flush before 5 minutes is over, you may be forced to have feces and urine in your toilet for an hour during a pandemic.
Are we living in a third world country? How is this justified?
Supposedly, this practice was instituted after Pres. Obama signed some water conservation order. Is this the type of disgusting punishment he had in mind?
If a "pause" in flushing can be justified (which I don't see), it shouldn't be more than 5 minutes. Maybe 10. Maybe.
But to subject inmates to being forced to have feces and urine in their toilet for an hour is insane -- especially when we're locked in our cells on quarantine for a worldwide pandemic.
Even if there weren't a pandemic, this practice is unsanitary and is nothing more than punishment. The staff sure as hell aren't forced to abide by this practice.
Please contact your Congressmen and/or Director Carvajal of the BOP to end this disgusting and unjustifiable procedure.
NOTE: Please do not link my blog to any complaints as I will be retaliated against. If needed, please only cut and paste any required information.


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