May 22, 2021

Reject Vaccine

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Johnny E.. Mahaffey The Novelist Vaccinated
May 6, 2020

Reject Vaccine

Prisoner here at the Broad River Correctional Institution were offered the COVID-19 "vaccine" today, but unfortunately the only one offered to us is the recall Johnson & Johnson.
I wasn't really given a choice. I had to get it.
So, if this ends up being my last post ... the prison murdered me with a Johnson & Johnson bullet. But, of course that's what South Carolina lawmakers want right now anyways. A lot of bloodthirsty self-proclaimed elitist are creating bills to bypass Federal regulations concerning human rights and the Constitution in the procedures of the death penalty and how it is administered.
Giving prisoners the recalled vaccines is one way to save money, doing Johnson & Johnson a favor so they didn't have to dispose of them, and probably getting to keep the extra tax dollars they saved. Now we will see if anyone dies from the prison's frugality and the lawmakers' bloodlust.
I got the shot a couple of hours ago, and wasn't allowed to wait but two minutes before I was told to leave. My family has told me that when they got their shots, the nurse had them stay a little while to see if there were any adverse reactions within the first 15 minutes or so - but here, the guards over that didn't care, and just ran everyone through like cattle. I got my shot with about a hundred others, and we were all directed right back out.
I can definitely feel it: not a pain in my arm or anything, but just ... this odd feeling that something is going on in my body. An off feeling in my head, and I ate a Hershey bar, some crackers, and opened a pack of mints - because I heard the Johnson & Johnson make your blood/sugar level drop.
Maybe I'll feel better, or worse, later.
I don't know. But one thing I do know: no one here cares.
At the prospect of death, my thoughts go to my kids, grandkids, and to Candice...
My head feels heavy, but never as much as my heart.



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