Sept. 7, 2021

Sq Warden Is Homophobic

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SQ WARDEN IS Homophobic

(LOPEZ V. BROWN) SAn Quentin Coward to Gangs

Spoke to Administration today, They said: 8.19.21

1. I needed more outside support from LGBTQIA+ Organizations for The Media Center To simply play our affirming DVD's.
2. The "Fair Use Act of 1976" only applies to one person for private use. (They dont see the word "OR").
3. Too much music on the disc's
4. ADA Rules say All content must have captions
5. Write a few ideas down to submit to The General Population Inmates to consider to produce
6. Write something for SQNENS that is Gay affirming
7. Play SMS DVD's in Group Only, not at SQTV
8. Sounded like I was demanding that any ideas presented to mainline inmates to produce to Be titled The Sound Mind Streamer.
9. Condemned Inmates are not allowed to work on computers so our group is not allowed to help add captions to our own content.
10. Take This as a WIN.
11. Cant give me canteen items to replace the 11 lbs. I lost so far in 10 Day Hunger Strike

Lt. Robinson, black - Superchristian Jerk.
A.W. Bravo, White? - caring, sooo not Gay
Human Resources White Lady - very nice Lady, not Gay
Muslim Middle Eastern Escort Officer - Sooo not Gay.

It's frustrating to convince men - LGBTQIA+ people why, How, and when equality should include Gay people, or the difference between Transgender and Gay, and how serving one is not serving The entire Community of Queer People.

Lt. Robinson asked me when was the last time I was spit on, as if the last time had worn off, or as if Moving the Reception Center from S.Q. Remedied The Spitting, water, urin [urine], and feces doucing of Gays in 2021 after inmates got sick and died from COVID-19

Out of over 30 prisons in California, who after over 40 years had no Gay affirming programs in Medical Dept, Mental Health Dept, Vocational Dept. or Religious/Spiritual Dept, and today LT. Robinson asked me to turn over our program to General population inmates because thats what makes people strong.

No that's what makes people Robbed, and last I checked, Robbery requires no nogotiation [negotiation]. Dont be trying to Jack us fool.

We have seen the sanitized versions of the Prison Gay experience from people that are doing Just enough to win the parole Boards approval, UNACCEPTABLE!

I use the word AFFIRMING at SMS because alot of our content are spirit and morale building, of examples of amazing Historic achievements all around the Globe by people who identify as LGBTQIA+, our content is archival.

My problem is everytime I meet those that can Help, they tend to WANT to turn SMS into whatever the fuck is going on in their head, selfish ass muthafuckaz that dont see the value of service, selfless acts that carry love, education, and care into places in most need, this is not a fucking business, this is not a fucking platform for people to center stage themselves, and their needs, SMS is about EVERYFUCKINBODYELSE.
This Biggest Mistake I ever made was asking for Help to Help Gay Inmates by simply playing fuckin DVD's.

OK, in your head, lets try it;
a) load disc
b) press play
c) walk away
e) Repeat action next week

ZERO self-centered shit required, not even in the middle of a transitional period for programming, not even in the Middle of a fucking Global Pandemic

1. Jessica moved to Chowchilla Prison
2. Luis moved to another prison
3. Johnny Boy died of COVID
4. Skyler is about to transfer out also
5. Raynard is Here
6. So am I

And with the crowded closet not safe to come out and attend an LGBTQIA+ spirituality group, it looks like it's Just Me and the Elder Raynard to watch all of this video/DVD content by ourselves every other week, as Rabbi sit on the side as nobody learns from the content out of Thousands of people on campus, this is a WIN?

now, when I see my people in the closet while walking passed the yards, on on the tier on the way to the shower, I've got to shake my head "NO", OR mouth the words in silent "They Said No".

The Homophobic wannabee Gang Homophobic idiots are the ones that WON because, again, excluded.

Continue the Hunger Strike until I cant go no more, today was rough, zapped alot of my energy, I had to start Hunger Strike over so people wouldn't continue to believe the Hunger Strike was planned solely to send them to task, and be left with guilt in the event of my demise, this way, just like from the very beginning, EVERYbody knows That I am not considering feelings, Empathy, OR personal Mental Health Issues, Im doing this inspite of my flaws, and the issues of others, This is All about serving those who are not safe to Fight for themselves in prison while Gay, THIS WORK IS ABOUT SERVING OTHERS, NOT Self Service. Dont think I got 11 more pounds to spare, But I'm about to find out because me people are worth it.


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lkg2 Posted 1 month, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it is BLOOD BOILING to see that lack of peace experienced by the queer community within prison. You're fighting an incredible fight.

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