Sept. 12, 2021


by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



We all seek reconciliation with ourselves, others and "our" gods. Yes, to most, this goal continuously looms beyond our grasp. To the loving and caring, reconciliation occurs more often than not, through their accomplishments. Reconciliation also occurs through tolerance and acceptance of what is, as it exists. We mostly hear and have no learned to listen.
We are in most instances not reconciled with the other because we do not love and are not loving. We attempt to have the other agree, thus it becomes your ideas versus mine.
Ideologies, dogmas and politics by their very nature are seldom if ever reconcilable, but individuals are inherently reconcilable, divorced from our personas not advocating and without agendas. True reconciliation is an understanding of self and not demanding that the other agree with you. Once we have a thorough understanding of who we are, then the diversities between others appear natural, ranging from enlightening to amusing. Literally, it is our frictional-diversities that engenders psychological growth.
We all desire to improve our quality of life moral values and the lives of others. In essence, our diversities is a gathering and a release. The concordances within us gathers and our discordances releases. It is this attraction and repulsion that is our reconciliation, the viable-cohesiveness of our humanity. It is our logical minds that causes us to think that there should be an orderly, somewhat civilized process to growth and relationships. The universe is a living refutation of the presumption.
The difference between individuals are innumerable and uncontrollable. However, we can benefit and learn from our differences. Unfortunately, the very elixir of our growth may become frustrating and too much of each other differences will overdose and cause a breakdown of our own abilities to digest, cope and to interact with each other... If another speaks on ten subjects and you are only able

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to appreciate and reconcile yourself with two, then simply discard the eight and benefit from and utilize the two.
Simply accept what you can and discard what you cannot use. We are too thin-skinned. Even the most intellectual and knowledgeable of individuals cannot speaks for any lengths of period without saying something that one or another will most certainly disagree with. We are too judgmental, we take ourselves too serious.


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