Sept. 12, 2021

Reverence For Life! Yes!

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



It is the collective instinctive-consciousness of mankind to respect, rather than to disrespect. Irreverence for life-nullification. In a word without any known absolutes, logic dictates most of our behaviors. Logic being our accumulative wisdom of trial and error of which is passed on DNA genetically and vicariously. It is more natural and logical to treat life with reverence, than with irreverence. The same goes with the need to be constructive as oppose to being destructive. From observation it would appear as if humans are programmed to do their best, even when they are actually doing their worst.
Reverence creates a rational-logical order; one that can be built upon, explained and passed on. Not so with irreverence for life, it's arbitrary, destructive and anti-life. Existence operates upon a settling order. Action then inaction, movement and then a rest. Reverence is restful while irreverence is a movement. Reverence is in accordance, while irreverence is in discordance.
Without an Owner's Manual or the prototype human to speak to or to observe; the intelligent obvious purpose of life is to live it to it's fullest. And for life to be maintained, there must be reverence, which supports and sustains. Albeit, reverence for life is an advocacy, it is a rational optional one; one that will justify the existence and give our lives purpose.
It is the irreverence (non-support) of life, greed and selfishness that has lead us to and had caused the current destructive and near depletion of earth's resources, environment, wars, slavery, holocausts, atrocities and the endless list of abhorrent abominations are a common occurrences in the past five hundred years.
Reverence for life is no more than reverence for self. Therefore, reverence for life is the cornerstone and literally the building block of self; it's foundation.


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