Sept. 12, 2021

Utilitarian Enlightenment

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



Lao Tzo, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed and the likes were all reported to be enlightened men. All of what was purportedly written by them or about them was writtened in subjective parables, subject to multiple interpretations. It would appear that from what was recorded of the holymen of old they lacked clarity, if indeed they had truly attained. Nevertheless, that issue is moot and only relevant in the sense that after thousands of years, there are those who are still trying to discern the so-called esoteric teachings of these ancient masters.

What is even more absurd and astonishing is that learned scholars all over the world have for centuries disputed the teachings of these masters. From a single sentence, treatises and innumerable volumes have been written, without anyone ever reaching a consensus. The insanity being even if these masters of lde were enlightened, their wisdom would not not be applicable to the present; more pointedly, yesterday's solutions won't solve todays problems; not withstanding their wisdom didn't even solved the problems of their own time-period as history so vividly and readily reveals: of one continuous horror story.

In general, we refuse to think for ourselves, to think anew and leave the safe, worn path and nest of the past. Existence is a continuum, a continuous flux and thus it follows that whatever may have been applicable and workable in the past; more likely than not is irrelevant in the present

Conversely, it has been said that if we don't know where we've been than we won't know where we are going. If you were to study any time period of recorded history, there were wars, slavery and atrocities of every imaginable sort committed against mankind. Point blank, the past is nothing to hold in awe, reverence or in remembrance. Those who would have us think that their ancestor's history were one of triumph and glory are not being entirely forthright or honest. For nearly in every instance the prosperity of one was upon the backs, lives suffering and exploitations of others; many-many others.

If the gross misfortune and grievous mistakes of the past are to be avoided, enlightenment must be utilitarian and accessible to everyone. Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment is the first step towards enlightenment, the dropping of ignorance and fear. Those who have

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attained must speak must be held accountable and become [cannot understand]
attain must speak, must be held accountable and become of true use to all of humanity as oppose to the select so-called few. It is simply not true that enlightenment is subjective (spiritually) and by its very nature esoteric. True understanding encompasses the whole, subjective and objective. An individual who has truly arrived lives extemporaneous realizing that the whole cannot be divided.

The holymen of old in every time-period attempted to define and redefine enlightenment and no matter how resolve and definitive, they fell short. Within the very second this defining stopped that was the end of their enlightenment. Reality beings: Enlightenment cannot be defined in language of deeds or behavior. Again and again there were those who speaks of the wisdom of that era and so it shall be ad-in shall be ad-infinitum. You need stay ready and be alert, only seeking out the enlightenment ones of today to learn from; the past is dead and no more. In truth the present knowledge is no more than an accumulation of the past refined containing the foundations for the future...

The dead masters of old obviously cannot speak in the present and even if they could their teachings would most likely be antiquated and moreover interpreted by their ancient disciplines and discipline to suit their own purpose. You cannot question them and who is to dispute their interpretations. We need trust in the neutrality of existence will provide those types of teachers in the presents as it has done in the past again and again ad-infinitum.

It is foolish to keep religiously searching in the dead past of records to find out who we are and what we are suppose how we are supposed to survive. In doing so the illusive answers of the past has only served to influence and contaminate our potential growth by limiting our search into the present, relevant present; limited a figurative infinite future by our finite past.

The past is safe because it can do us no harm, the final script has already been written. We must look anew each and every day for the wisdom of the present here/now. This is true rebirth of learning and remembering the dead traching of old only as a guide and foundation to present day knowledge

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Enlightenment is unavoidable to you too if you drop all searching for answers and solutions from the dead past and demand them of the present. It is only from the present we must draw our strength of character and solutions for today's problems. The truest understanding of the question is enlightened understanding of the asked question and no necessarily its answer

The purported important question of the ages has been "Who am I?" I tell you that academic question is puerile and unanswerable, to answer the question that must have the paradigm ("I") and that prototype is unknown, unknowable and thus, the question becomes nonsensical and moot. We must abandoned our search for the unknowable and focus solely on what it is as a building block to what isn't.

The search for enlightenment is not finding the answer, rather in A). The necessity of the question and B). An accurate defining and understanding of the question... Knowledge is power and thus it must be guarded in the past because it was thought that the average person was either too corrupt or inferior or too lazy to committedly pursue truth and that they need guide or teacher. So all sorts of magic feats and illusions were invented surrounding these sacred teachings to dissuade the average individual from searching alone for truth.

I cannot categorically tell you that what these old masters did was wrong or that they evil in creating these tricks, hoaxes and false miracles. However, I can yell you that their teachings and nonsensical pranks, even if they were real, they are obviously inapplicable now.

There is no reason for an enlightened individual not to speak with clarity. It is only those who would attempt to interpret the pass or to predict the future need speak ambiguously in parables and in esoteric mumbo jumbo manner to avoid accountability.

Do not look to the psychic advisors, soothsayers or the prophets of old, seeking to sustain the wisdom of the past. In truth we all stand alone and therefore we must do so without any psychological crutches

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YOU ('mankind')

Walking down every street and alley in every time, city, village and hamlet. You have pollute the air, water and has raped the land in your selfishness to be enriched with things under the guise of progress. The homeless, young, sick and elderly are not being cared for and your earth paradise lies in near ruins. Yet, you still go about the business of exploiting others to acquire more wealth and more things. You sit dressed in your fineries in synagogues, temples, mosque, churches, cathedrals and the likes pretending to worship thy god, trying to bribe they god, begging to be saved.

Get up and get out of these shallow places of pretend and entertainment. You are an embarrassment, a spoiled selfish child who's deluded into thinking that you can with wish-prayers and lip-service, trick thy god into doing for you what more likely than not you could have and should be doing for yourself.

God knows beyond what you say and sees what you do. In every land and in every language you have caused misery, suffering, death and destruction amongst yourselves and others. You have turnt this earth into a garbage dump and now you plead with thy god to be merciful, to take you to heaven away from the anguish of your own creation of pain and suffering. This shall not be...

Whatsoever you have created you-yourself shall endure. Thy god shall take nothing away and no more shall be added. You shall be left alone to your own devices and experience all that you've created.

In your rituals of entertainment you call places of worship, you scream to the heavens of your undying love and devotion; yet by your own actions you do not even love yourself. As is exemplified by the majority of ill-deeds committed by mankind; it plainly reveals that you have never-ever met love, you have no experienced or tasted love; you and love are strangers.

You have created scores of intermediators and brokers in your religions to separate you from truth and you from god. Millions of books have been written about god, yet you do not know god's likes or dislikes and your or his desires. You seem to only have read the tales of what others purportedly to have known about god. You have not in sincerity searched for god. You have no relationship with god and you basically distrust and dissuade anyone else from knowing or seeking a personal relationship with god. You are afraid of cutting

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out your religious (business) middlemen, intermediaries and the security of your dead scriptures.

Surely you must realize that god isn't the word "God" or any of the things written about god. God is none of those things. All the remembering, regurgitating and reciting of dead scriptures in the world will not engender an understanding or relationship between you and god.

You have not tasted the "fire" of god. You have only experienced the embers of the smoldering allege purpose account of others. This is why you have move so far away from god and godly things. You have foolishly accepted token from others as to the infinite love of god. Can you not understand that god is the god of all and not just the god of those whom you've allowed to intercede between you and god. His purports messages.

As it is reported that god has spoken to the holymen of old, like wise god will commune with you. You have foolishly accepted in your haste and laziness a mere reflection of godliness. God is love, pure and simple and without knowing god, you will have never experienced love, true love. Without love you will not have experienced the true beauty and wonders of life and its lasting contentment. Remember: god doesn't utilize messengers, nor does he speak through an interpreter of the ancient, uneducated of old; nor a religion, nor magic tricks called miracles; nor an accumulation of dead scriptures. You do not understand or trust in the fact that god is alive and available in the here/now and not held up on some distant planet.

The godliness of god is a verb and you must also be a verb and act of "doing". Whereby, salvation is found in the standards met in and through doing, which meets the criterion of love. If what you are doing is not felt in your heart, then is it not an act of love and will not being true and lasting contentment.

God is not in need of your places of entertainment you call places of worships with idols, statutes and trinkets; with which you fool yourself and others They are no more than places of business for the merchaNTS AND THE INTERTAINMENT.

Be not like the hypocrite or merchant. You cannot do business with god. What would you give in return for all that you have been given, would you give it back? God is the ________, _________ and ___________. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can give god, it is a joke and you are just fooling yourself. God is like a farmer, he doesn't like to the seed grow, he merely observe its developing-maturity.

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The businessperson at your places of entertainment have sold you a promise of salvation to entice you into the business of religion. You [cannot transcribe] in with god what you've been tricked into buying from man. Wages are given to the worker not the shirker of to those who profess loudly of their workers and undying love for god. Salvation shall be given to those who have not only made a difference in the lives of other, but who have also became a difference for themselves and others.

God has never promised you a savior, nor shall one be forthcoming. You have no need of a savior, you only have a need to understand yourself and come to a realization of all that god has given you. God's live is a gift, not to be worship, feared or repaid. There lies no place called heaven or hell; outside of your imagination of fear for hell and greed for heaven. Heaven and hell is more than your fertile imagination and the business of religion; propaganda to aid the religious-businessman in their control and exploitation of the weak, vulnerable, insecure, naïve and ignorant.

What god has given, it is given freely and unconditionally. There are not now nor has there ever been any retribution, rewards or reimbursement that mankind can give to the creator. When you worship you are in truth worshipping yourself. God has never placed any laws upon you or mankind; nor shall there ever be placed upon man. If sooner or later everything will be transformed, reformed or changed, can the word purpose, right or wrong, ultimately mean anything as we now know it to be: I THINK NOT!

Laws to control are finite concept, while god on the other hand is infinite. What isn't today, most likely in the natural order of things will eventually become. God has no desire to change or to intercede in the here/now what will in time (as we know it) eventually become. God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence, with no need of your prayers or worship- after all what would he do with that little patheticness?

I imagine a minor task which you could accomplish at any time and you had all the time in the world to accomplish it, then and only then will you have a glimpse of the working of god.

What is of urgency to mankind is inconsequential to god. God is unconditionally, infinite love beyond [cannot transcribe].


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