Sept. 12, 2021

Religious Masters Of Old

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)


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Since the beginning and in every time-era, we have had a world full of purported messiahs, mystics, prophets, politicians and blind followers. Where has all of this gotten us? Moral ruins, corruption, wars, pollution and the near depletion of the earth's resources.

Traditional and conventional wisdom of old was failed and failed miserably so in every way and in every aspects in its attempts to engender compassion, understanding and caring in the hearts and minds of man. The old religious masters, Buddha, Mohamed, Lao Tzu, Mohavira, Jesus and all the many rest; their teachings are no longer relevant to modern day man. More pointedly, these old masters lacked an in-depth understanding of psychology, by denying and advocating suppression of the individuality of the individual. In many instances your worst guess is situationally far more astute than the vintage wisdom of the greatest masters of old.

The religious masters of old sought to collectivize the thinking of mankind into a loving compassionate state by fear of hell and greed of heaven. They used bribery, coercion, utilizing subliminal suggestion and teaching autohypnosis. By repetitiveness, they instructed the person to invest enormous amounts of psychological energy into a primative ideology, dogmas or superstitions; as a means of collectively creating a harmonious loving society.

What either was or wasn't by these masters is that if you invest enormous amounts of non-returnable energy outwardly, by the laws of economics you'll become psychologically impotent, broke.
This conditioning was suppose to provide "us" with moral guidance and hope for all times; fortunately or unfortunately it failed and has not work as it should be. The tree is judged by its fruits and the fruits of organized religion, politics and traditional wisdom has not only proven to be grossly ineffective, it is also rotten and corrupt to the core.

This decadent world that we live in a loving testimony to that fact. I would have you disregard the old and lock anew, subscribe to no philosophy, religion or ideology.

Existence isn't a miser, it is bountiful in every generation it

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it has produced Lao-Tzu, Jesus and Buddhas, again and again. A Jesus of today is not so difficult to recognize or identify. The problem being most if not all believe that there was and is only one purported Jesus and therefore, we will neither seek nor accept the premise of another Jesus. There is no need to desire the future masters, messiahs or gods to come or to reverse the past ones. Simply learn alertness and feel what is being given/showered upon you in the present.

COMMENTARY(1): "Nimardos, what must I do and where do I begin?" You must be deprogrammed from your self-pity, self-hatred, defeatist attitude, religious-superstitious be(LIE)fs premised solely on fear and greed. You simply cannot give your self-confidence, sense of well-being and identity to some mythological "entity", called "Sky-god" without it debilitating and crippling you. You must not do this if you are to effectively survive in our ever changing world. Plainly put get off of your hands and knees from begging, praying to the "Sky-god" and stand-up as psychologically mature adults, demanding that all that is yours by birth, reinvesting your emotional and intellectual energies into yourself. The solution is simple, you need a backbone to stand up on your own two feet. You only need courage to take personal responsibility for your life and drop your catastrophe "fears" of the inevitable(death), without any inane puerile need for validation by some mystical higher power or shk god. Emotionally and intellectually liberation isn't a collective progressive proposition, its individual, each individual must liberate themselves.

COMMENTARY(2) "What is the purpose of your teachings?" 1). To awaken you to encourage each individual to look for him or herself to look anew. 2). To teach each individual that it is their duty, their sovereign and inalienable right to search unfettered for truth, the who, why and when? 3). To teach one how to utilize their intelligence in conjunction with their acquired knowledge. You are a rose in a weed garden, so there is much weeding needed to give you room to grow as an intellectual individual. Each person must come into their own being. If we are to continue to grow and evolve and if civilization is to ever become a reality. The individuality of the individual must flower independently of others

COMMENTARY(3): "Nimarodas, is there a god?" Personally, I am not

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afraid of death, so it becomes irrelevant to me as to whether god exist or not.

COMMENTARY(4): Nimarodas, are you advocating religious anarchism?" What I am advocating is that an individual thinks for him or her self, to determining what is truth, from the truth of their own experiences and act accordingly.

COMMENTARY(5): "Nimarodas, are you advocating atheism?" Again, what I am advocating is an end to the parakiting of dead scriptures and bibdly and braindeadly, robotically following and irrational, obsolete, superstitious religious -superstitions.

COMMENTARY(6): What I am advocating is intellectual self-defense. We routines and regularly without questioning accept the idiotic ideas of many religious leaders and politicians, accepting them as if they were your own. Very few of us would hesitate to defend our bodies, yet when it comes to defending our minds, we put up absolutely no defense. We are similar to clay duck in a shoot gallery. We must learn to question and challenge every idea, dogma or ideology that another spouts and attempts to introduce/impose on to our psyche to be accepted as truth. This caution goes even to our own ideas not the truth of our experiences

COMMENTARY(7): "Nimarodas, you have spoken out against the masters of old and then you-yourself have said, seek out the living masters, isn't that a contradiction?"

You must learn to live in the present and let go of the past, there is a time-period when masters are needed and then of course a time-period when they aren't needed and; you must move on your own. Do not become dependent upon any master's teachings as if it were the final word.


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