Sept. 12, 2021

First Man Of Color

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)




The last week or so many
of my dreams have been about
ancient times. Like Ice Age
Times. When woolly
Mammoths roamed the earth,
huge Caribou meandered the
forest, lots of animals horses that
were short.
Sunday night, I dreamed
I was talking to the First man
of Color. His name was
Wu'in. Wu'in had several
designs on his face. He said that
he was a holy man from far
I began to compare notes
on the various herb of the region
with Wu'in. Wu'in was telling
me that in his travels he had heard
about clans who had eaten the flesh
of many animals. Wu'in, then
smiled and laughed, probably at
my shocked look. I said "Only
the flesh of the Totem animals are

suppose to be eaten." Wu'in said,
in his visions, people were not only
eating the flesh of their Totem
animals, but other animals as
I I must have looked shocked
again, because Wu'in laughed
really hard.
I told him that I had
ridden on the back of a four-
legged animal. It was Wu'in
turn to look shock!
We talked by the
fire, long into the night, then slept
under the stars with a cold wind
blowing from the mountains.
The next day I got a look
at some of the symbols which
Wu'in had tattooed on his face.
They looked familiar. Sort of
Indian. Sort of like ruins.....
Wu'in saw me looking at
the headband and said,"although,
you are a blessed spirit, the tatoos,
are only for the light bodies to see.
Wu'in told me about a
device that he could sit on that
allowed him to cross water without
getting wet.

Wu'in be{lie}ved that the
light bodies spoke with all the two
legged ones; however, only a few of
"us" listened to them and to what
they have to offer. When we do
listen to them, they have taught us
ways to make our lives better.
The light bodies gives us a
gift of knowledge. This
knowledge has kept "us" alive
during the times of the ice.
Much to my surprise,
Wu'in be{lie}ved that in several
generations, the Mountains of
Ice would turn into water, the
valleys would be filled with water.
The land would move and four
legged creatures would die or change.

Winged ones would change forms,
maybe even walk among us as...,
I was captivated. It was so much for me to imagine!
Wu'in grinned and hugged
me with tears in his eyes. He
was convinced that I was truly a
seer. He knew I was feeling
and trusting his words. My
instincts all told me he was right.
I was leaping forward
imagining my children,
grandchildren, other children, not
having to wear heavy fur for
warmth. How free it would feel
to have our skins against the wind.
I saw it, felt it...Something!
Later, Wu'in and I
were speaking without words: He
and I had minds that could take
in thoughts, looking far back into
the past and far ahead into the
future. Wu'in used the example of
riding horses. How did it come
to be? Thought-a desire. What
about the water crossing surface
device? Thought-a desire to do it.
Wu'in asked me what I thought
would happen if we both were
living, and being in the same
area? If the light beings would
talk more to us, since there would
be two of us? Or, if they would
dislike it? Should we stay
together or separate?
I invited him to spend the night,
and stay in my cave; I suggested
that the time was right to...learn.
In learning we would know if
the light beings were displeased.
We smiled at each other. I felt
hopeful and excited about the
"truth seeking" we were about to
embark upon.
Dusk the next morning, as
I suspected, Wu'in was gone. I
looked away in the distance,
wondering if the light being had
taken him. I was also
questioning whether I'd ever
see him again.

When I awoke from this
dream, I instinctively knew that
the Shaman, Wu'in the First
man of Color-was me!



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