Sept. 12, 2021

Dual Reality!

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



Between my dreams and my waking moments, I seem to be living two lives, dual realities. One conscious and the other unconscious. I cannot recall a night that I didn't experience two or three dream episodes.
My dream episodes are seemingly much more desirous to me than my brutal reality. My dreams have varies that are seemingly in relationship to my psychological and spiritual growth, relative to my conscious desires.
The memories of my dreams at first were vague and filled with a lot of anger, anxiety, life and death struggles; coinciding with my realities. As I've matured and evolved, my dreams have become more responsive to my psychological-emotional maturity; positive, constructive and like a parallel simulation of my conscious vision. Deprivation in my conscious realities are often experienced and fulfilled in my unconscious episodes.
I feel as if my dreams are nurturing and guiding me as I struggle through relationships, conflicts and the harsh realities of my current prison existence.
When I'm exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated, my dreams that night are inspirational with me struggling against insurmountable odds and prevailing. My dreams nurture and pacify my during my unconscious state.
It as if I am living in two worlds. There have been a few times when I didn't like my dream-play; I was able to wake myself at will, since I knew I was simply asleep. I sense a bridge between where I was and where I am able to travel. The power is mine to leave a dream state and inter into the wake-state.
Currently, I am focusing on learning how to incubate my dreams to receive specific answer to questions like a clinical experiment to engage in a propose, projected activity - to experience what may or may not happen. I trust that you too will have thoughts along this line and also employ the power of dreams.


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