Sept. 20, 2021

On Raising Our Level

by William Goehler (author's profile)


Today I want to share a lecture by L.Ron Hubbard Titled:

On Raising Our Level Of Life And Behavior
(The Tone Scale)

The Tone Scale is a scale in Scientology which plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality and consciousness through half vitality and half consciousness down to death. By various calculations about the energy of life, by observation and by test, this ToneScale is able to give levels of behaviors as life declines. These various levels are common to all men. [For instance] When a man is nearly dead, he can be said to be in a chronic apathy. And he behaves in a certain way about many things. This is 0.5 on the scale. When a person is not yet so low as grief bu realizes losses are impending, where is fixed chronically add this level by past losses, he can be signed to be in fear. This is around 1.1 on the scale. An individual who is fighting against threatened losses is in anger. And he manifest other aspect of behavior. This is 1.5. The person who is merely suspicious that losses may take place or who has become fixed at this level is resentful. He can be said to be in antagonism. This is to on the scale. Above antagonism the situation of a person is not so good that he's enthusiastic, not so bad that he's resentful, he has lost some goals and cannot easily locate others. He said to be in boredom or at 2.5 on the tone scale. A 3.0 on the scale a person has a conservative cautious aspect towards life but he's reaching his goals. 4.0 individuals enthusiastic happy and vital very few people are natural 4.0. A charitable average is probably around 2.8. You have watch this in operation before now. Have you ever seen a child trying to acquire, let us see Nickel? If refused he then explains why he wants it. If he fails to get it and did not want it badly he becomes bored and goes away. But if you want it badly, he will get antagonistic about it. Then he will become angry. Then that failing he may lie about why he wants it. That feeling, he goes into grief. And if he is still refused he finally sinks into apathy and says he doesn't want it. This is negation.
And have you seen this in reverse, a child treated by danger also dwindles down the scale. At first he doesn't appreciate that the danger is Pose that him and he's quite cheerful. Then the danger let us see it is a dog starts to approach him. The child sees a dangerous but still does not believe it is for him and keeps on his business. But his play things board him for the moment. He's a little apprehensive I'm not sure, then the dog comes near the child resent him or shows some antagonism, then the dog comes near. The child resent the threat posed at him and he's quite cheerful. Then the danger let us say it is a dog starts to approach him. The child sees a dangerous but still does not believe it is for him and keeps on his business. But his play things board him for the moment. He's a little apprehensive I'm not sure, then the dog comes near the child resents him or shows some antagonism, the dog comes near her still. The child becomes angry and make some effort to enjoy the dog. The dog I'm still near and has more threatening. The child becomes afraid. Fear unavailable, the child cries. If the dog still threaten him, the child may go into apathy and simply want to be bitten.
Objects or animals or people which is a survival, as they become in an accessible to the individual, bring him down the tone scale.
Object animals or people which trade in survival as they approach individual bring down the tone scale.
This scale has a chronic or an acute aspect. A person can be brought down to the town scale to low level for 10 minutes and then go back up or he can be brought down it for 10 years and not go back up. A man who has suffered too many losses, too much pain, tends to become fixed at some lower level of the scale and with only slight fluctuations, stays there. Then his general and common behavior or will be at the level of the tone scale.
Just as a 0.5 moment of grief can cause a child to act along the grief band for a short while so Kenny 0.5 fixation cousin individual to add 0.5 towards most things in life. There is a momentary behavior fix behavior. Of course, that's good news and bad, happy days and sad ones, strike a person there are momentary raises and lowering on the stone scale. But there is a chronic level, and average behavior for each and visual. As an individual is found lower and lower on the scale, so is he his alertness his consciousness lower and lower. Individuals chronic mood or attitude towards existing declines indirect ratio to the way he regards the physical universe and organisms about him. It is not a complete statement to say, merely that one becomes fixed in his regards for the physical universe and organisms about him, for there are definite ways, beyond consciousness, which permit this to take place. Manifestation, however, is a decline of consciousness with regard to the physical environment of the individual. At the top of the scale, one is fully conscious of himself, his environment, other people in the universe in general. He excepts his responsibilities in it. He deals with the problems within the limits of his education and experience.
Then something happens his perception of material universe is dwelled. How does this come about? The first and foremost way that the Klein on the scale is begun is through being caused physical pain by the physical universe. It is one thing to gain experience and quite another to suffered physical pain. For any experience surrounded by an actual physical pain is hidden by that paint. Do you organism is supported to avoid the pain to survive. It avoids as well memories of pain if it is above 2.0 (antagonism) on the scale. It releases the pain memories below 2.0 as those lead to death. As soon as I can begin avoiding pain as a whole, although that pain is recorded, consciousness begins to decrease markedly. The perception of the physical begins to decrease and caliber of one's activities begins to decline.
One could say that there is an interior world and an exterior world. Interior world is one of yesterday. The data contains is used to fudge the world of the exterior of today and tomorrow. So long as one has all data available, one can make excellent computations. When the facts he has learned begins to be buried once conclusions are apt to become wrong just to that degree.
As one's confidence in the physical universe the clients so that the ability to handle it decline. One's dreams and hopes begin to see him unattainable, one ceases to strive. Actually however at once ability seldom diminishes it only seems to diminish.
When the entire world tells off too much physical pain you organism becomes confused. Like the child who finally says he doesn't want the nickel you organism says it doesn't want to feel any of the physical universe and so parishes or lives a while in a twilight and then parishes all the same.
The goal is to win. When one has lost too much and too many times, the possibility of winning seems to remote to try. And it loses. It's become so accustomed to the loss that it begins to concentrate on loss instead of forward advance. And it does this quite irrational because one has lost two years does not mean on Miller Street, yet who has lost two will actually be so prepared to lose three that he will actually if unconsciously take steps to lose the third. The cement be with people with any object.
Is it an individual to send the tone scale, he first begins to lose his confidence in trying to reach the further rooms of his environment, the further frontiers of his dreams, and becomes conservative. There's not much wrong with cautiousness, but there's something wrong with chronic conservation for sometimes it takes a wild charge to win life.
As physical pain begins to mount out in the recording banks of the mind, the individual further confuses yesterday, with today, and further with drawls his confidence. He becomes a little frightened and poses as being bored he says he did not want to reach so far anyway. Isn't worth it. He makes fun of the things he really wants and makes fun of dreams of others he's afraid to face a hopeful fact, much less a truly desirable object. With a further increase of pain, he continues on down the scale until he is actually on his way out of life.
The fact of the matter is the older person gets and the more experience he has the better able he should be to handle his environment. If he could stay fully conscious and rational about it this would be true. But the mechanics of paint storage or such that he actually grows less and less conscious the more pain he has received and so cannot really use his experience at all. If you could gain experience without physical pain, his enthusiasm his ability to dash would remain very high. Batman was a lesser organism, evidently, before he was a man. Unless organism can only react, I cannot think. Thinking of something new.
Until genetics this look like a hopelessly close cycle. One had enthusiasm but no experience. So with enthusiastic rushes he attacked the environment with all the folly of youth and was ignominiously repelled. He gained pain with each repulsion. He gained experience, but he cannot think about the experience without facing the pain so the experience to him no good. When he had enough experience he no longer had dreams, energy and enthusiasm to carry home his attack upon his environment.
Processing broke the cycle. Youth could've talked environment and experience pain of repulsion. But the physical pain could be knocked out of the mind by genetic technology, living the experience standing there, with the enthusiasm.
Wherever a person may be on the tone scale ( unless he's very low in the insane bracket, for this is also a scale of sanity) he can send that scale again by rehabilitating his ability to think about and know his environment now that one knows the rules it is rather easily done and one is astonished that it could not be done before.
Man is basically good. Pain and social aberrations, turn him away from high ethics, efficiency and happiness. Get rid of the pain and you will be at the high level of scale.

Separately, I will post it Hubert chart of human evaluation, a full description of each column on this chart (except the last six, which are only in self analysis) Will be found complete in science of survival, by L Ron Hubbard.
The position of an individual one on the stone scale varies through the day and throughout the years, but it's fairly stable forgiven.. Once position on this chart will rise on receipt of the news, sync with bad news. This is usual give-and-take with life. Everyone, however has a chronic position on the chart which is unalterable, save for processing.
Necessity level (lifting on self by ones bootstraps, as in emergencies) can raise an individual well of this chart for a brief periods. Knowledge is power!
One's environment greatly influences one's position on the chart. If one lives in a low tone environment, he can expect eventually to be low tuned. This is also true of marriage one times to match the tone levels by one's marital partner. The stone scale is also valid for groups. A business or a nation can be examined as to it's very standard's reactions and these can be plotted. This will give the survival potential of a business or a nation (above 2.0 equals survival, and below 2.0 equals succumb)
ThThis chart can also be used in employing people or in choosing partners. It is an accurate index of what expect what to expect and gives you a chance to predict what people will do before you have any great experience with them also it gives you some clues as to what can happen to you in a certain environment or around certain people, for then can't drag you down or boost your high.

William Goenhler SPO-VM


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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post. It was extremely interesting!

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