Dec. 27, 2011

Modern-Day Slave Traits...

by Reggie West (author's profile)


Modern Day Slave Traits

Foremost, the interactions between captor and captives can vary from person to person. Not all masters behave the same way neither do many slaves exhibit an identical pattern of behavior.

However, in the mater of the master-slave concept, there are commonalities between "gang leaders" as masters and "gang members" as slaves. The similarities between the gang leader's role and the master's role can be found in the leader's absolute power to control the members of his gang. This control is carried out by enforcing rules on the members; closely watching the members to ensure compliance with those rules; punishing, abusing and, if need be, eliminating the member through violence.

On the other hand, the resemblance of the gang member to the slave is that both are subjected to strict rules, confined, controlled, often physically and psychologically brutalized. Dare I take the master-slave connection a step further to point out that many people of all ethnicities have allowed themselves to be modern day slaves. Indeed, a person does not have to be black to exhibit a slave mentality. Unwillingly, many of us—and it does not matter whether we are black, Asian, Hispanic, or white—perpetuate "the master's will" through our own self-hatred and destructive behavior.

For those individuals who are in denial, here are some recognizable signs of self-perpetuation of slave behavior, be it in prison or in society.

1.) A modern day slave will neglect to educate him or herself, which in turn creates mental slavery and guarantees someone will become their master.
2.) A modern day slave will swindle and commit other crimes against his own people and others instead of helping to break the chains of poverty by earning an honest living.
3.) A modern day slave will perpetuate self-hatred through committing violence on people of his same ethnicity, such as black-on-black violence, including murder, which is a form of genocide.
4.) A modern day slave will deal, buy, and/or use drugs that will make him and others function as slaves (addicts) to drugs, slaves to misery, and salves to defeat.
5.) A modern day slave will adopt the wicked ways of the slave master, who disrespects the abuses women.
6.) A modern day slave will abandon his children, leaving them for someone else to raise, not caring about their fates.
7.) A modern day slave will foolishly commit crimes that cause him/her to end up behind bars, incarcerated in mental and physical bondage.

Take a look at the above list. Then look inside yourself for any similarities. Seek to eliminate any of these traits you have. If you don't admit to any of these traits you may have, if you can't admit to any of the seven signs, you are in denial.

The first step towards defeating a slave mentality begins with your acknowledgement that it exists.

Love, peace, and happiness


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