Oct. 27, 2021

Update: Day 6 of Hunger Strike

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 10/9/2021 7:27:26 AM
Well on Friday October 8, I was scheduled to go see the orthopedic about the torn tendon and the bone in my left hand. At 5:00 am two Lts show up at my cell ask if I'm eating and I state no. Well both had already been informed what the hunger strike was about. They take me right here to the clinic in P dorm. The nurse takes the vitals ask questions as she's filling out this form. After that she told me my orthopedic would be cancelled. They didn't feel it was safe for me to be sent over there. She then tells the Lt they're going to send me up to urgent .re to see the doctor and I would be housed in the hospital up front. I sit in the holding here in P dorm for 45 minutes waiting for them to recount. We finally get moving up there. Once we get up there we set in urgent .re for a good two hours before the doctor shows up. She asks questions looks at the procedure 403.009 Hunger Strikes. Then she goes and tries to find me a cell. Well there's none available. So she told them I'd have to be housed down here in P dorm and monitored by our nurse. So I get back down here and see the nurse briefly. She had heard I was coming off the strike. I sad no absolutely not. So the captain puts me in a tiny holding .11. I have to see the psychologist/counselor. I speaks with her and tell her what this is about. After that I'm placed back into the holding cell where I sit for over three hours with handcuffs black box and waste chains. Which is uncomfortable and painful. They finally decide what property I can have and where they're going to house me. I'm on 5 wing left side which is being painted in cell 7 far enough away from the two guys up front that they can't pass me anything. These are the only two guys on this wing. So I get in the cell I'm totally exhausted. I'm having sever headaches. I was cold and getting the shakes which has never happened, and still suffering from cramps. So that's how day six went. I know I'm in for a fight. I told nurses officers etc what this was about. They agreed Mr Minta shouldn't have been allowed to respond to the DR appeal that was against his findings as the chairman of the DR team. Which consists of him and a Lt. Oh well, Its a good fight that I've got to finish. God bless you all.
In Peace and love
Ronnie Ronald W. Clark Jr. #12974
Oct 8,2021


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