Dec. 23, 2021

Comment Response

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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Stray People
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Hi Bridge. Thanks for the comment on the post about my dad. For sure, I miss him a lot. And yeah, the values we inherit are the biggies, but I wouldn't say the ones I got from my parents made me a "better person" ... they just made me me. Well, they contributed, anyway. I like to think I can contribute some of the best parts of myself to their influence, though. No doubt the less-appealing aspects are due to unwholesome musical preferences, sugary soda, and the internet.

This comment was relatively recent, but only because it's relative to the now-common 2+ month delivery time for mail at this prison. As I've said elsewhere, there's a natural delay of couple weeks, minimum, for me to reply to anyone's comments, and that must seem like FOREVER there in the real world. But, there's a totally unnatural delay caused by mailroom gremlins at Mule Creek State Prison, so I strongly encourage anyone who comments here to complain directly, on their own behalf or on mine, either way. Your right to communicate with me and other prisoners is being violated, too, so you can frame it anyway you like. Remember, the mailroom supervisor for C-Yard is the person primarily responsible. I haven't gotten mail from Between the Bars – i.e. your comments to me – less than 30 days beyond the postmark in at least a year. Often its 45 days or longer. Do feel free to let them know it's not acceptable to treat people that way, me or you.


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