Sept. 11, 2022

Trouble at work

by Kelly Jones (author's profile)


"Whatever had happened to her in that cell, it had driven her so far inside herself, it was as if she wasn't there at all." —Justin Cronin, The Twelve

Sat. 08-06-22
4:01 PM

Dear Readers,

Howdy y'all! I hope everyone'd doing well. I'm currently at work listening to Finally by CeCe Peniston on C3PO.

Things have changed at work. I mentioned previously how my boss was threatening to put me on part-time 'cause of my going to the library. Well, the "#1" and the "#2" in the dish room—both of whom are worthless—kept complaining so much that she finally did it. I am now on part-time and back in the front dining hall where I started (apparently you can't be part-time in the dish room).

I started on part-time on July 31 and have been placed in several different positions this past week—handing out cups and sporks, wiping tables, line server, and today I'm sweeping.

I'd quit altogether if I had a decent cellie and could just relax in my cell, but that's out. I was also getting used to money comin gin and, even though that's going to be cut drastically, for now I'm gonna stick with it. The whole dish room came close to getting fired last night due to stealing, so it's probably better that I'm out of there.

We had yet another shakedown on July 28. I also mentioned before about how they're taking our pillows and forcing us to sleep on flat mattresses. Well, the staff are now ramping that up several notches.

They are now writing inmates incident reports if they have a pillow and are charging them a total of $66.20—including the cost for a whole mattress, which can be used to make several pillows.

These people are bat shit crazy!

I've included a copy of someone's "shot." It's been edited to hide away identifying info. He wrote on it to show that it was delivered after 24 hours (and therefore must be thrown out). Several in my unit were late and so the whole batch were thrown out (there were a lot), to be fair. However, they're still doing it in other units, and I've no doubt they'll be back.

So... we're being forced to sleep on flat mattresses and get a crick in our necks, or get a "shot" and cough up $66. These people are treating us like animals, and it's really inhumane.


Sun. 08/21/22
3:06 PM

Hey y'all! I'm currently at work listening to Michael Jackson sing Workin' Day and Night on C3PO.

Speaking of work, it appears the Mighty Whiteys have abandoned their attempt to take over that table at chow. I've only seen there one other time. The guy who started all that now works at the library, and he won't keep starting shit if he wants to keep that job.

In other news, I'd like to announce the opening of Club 6 in downtown C-North! Yes, I finally got moved out of that horrible situation with that psycho in cell 71. Thank God!

That psycho put the sign up in the door last Sunday and was acting like a raving lunatic—again—and threatening to beat me up—again—over nothing. He threatened me again this past Tuesday as I was waiting downstairs for the counselor to show up, so I could beg him to move. He said if I mentioned his name, then we might as well fight. Huh? He didn't want me in there, but then I was supposed to say anything to get the hell out!

That only convinced me that I had to say anything—whatever it took—to get out of that cell.

I moved in with Jeff, a total drug-addicted loser who rarely appears to shower and lives like a pig. But at least he leaves me the fuck alone! I'm still tryin to get over the PTSD of living with my last cellie. I keep forgetting that I don't have to walk on eggshells all the time and can actually just plain relax.

The cell is in a horrible location (hence the "downtown C-North"). It's only three cells from the CO's office and is in the stretch of wall between his office and the outside door. So it's the area he passes by the most. Even the outside window looks out to the entrances of C and D-South. There is no privacy if one desires some "quiet time" with someone (wink, wink). It greatly puts me off one's game, so to speak.

But I cannot tell you how glad I am to be out of that last cell!

On August 2, they switched out our white linens for brown ones. I'm not sure if I mentioned before that they're switching everything to brown—including T-shirts and underwear. All our white stuff eventually turned brown after being sent to laundry anyway, so I guess they're heading that off by starting us with brown.

One part of all that that's screwed up is that they only traded one blanket when they previously gave us two. They took one of mine during a shakedown, even though it was issued to me by laundry.

It can get chilly in those cells—especially in winter—and this appears to be another form of punishing the sadistic warden has come up with.

Recreation offered a yoga class and I signed up. I haven't done any yoga since pre-COVID. Our first class was yesterday and, although it was super easy, I still felt good after getting a good stretch.

I wanted to add that there are no units currently locked down due to COVID, and that thing are back to the modified lockdown.

Also, I'm including a copy of an article I sent to a reporter at the AP and to a senator investigating the prison in Atlanta, so far. As soon as I can buy a copy card, I plan to mail more copies out.

Until next time, I wish you...
Love + Blessings,



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