Oct. 6, 2022

Nate's News

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Date: 9/17/2022 11:29:35 PM
Subject: Prometheus Writes

Nate's News, 17 Sept. 2022

Hello loyal readers. I've been busy since my last post (about being, again, wrongfully put in Seg/RH). At first I wasn't working as a tutor, because my teacher was "out" (no explanation given) for around a month. I was still being paid (58$/month, a lot of prison pay, although its all taken for debts), but couldn't go to work. So, I volunteered on my uint to clear the showers, which were filthy and in effectively cleaned by the #*%@ hired for the task.

Starting around two months ago my teacher returned and I've been back to work. AND, I worked on the Editorial Board for an odyssey.wisc.edu (Odyssey Beyond Bars) poetry class, editing students' poems; now I work editing students' writings for a Writing 101 class, on top of working as a math tutor for HSED students.

This work is fulfilling, fun, and I use the opportunity to practice my jokes and polish my people skills which need polishing after 24 years in maximum-security prisons and 15 years in solitary confinement.

There's more good news, even great news.

11 drawings of mine will be part of an exhibition, "Art Against the Odds," beginning Jan 16th and lasting through March 11th, 2023. Look it up on artagainsttheodds.com or @artagainsttheodds I should say that 11 of my drawings will be in the catalog -- by the time of the exhibition more of my art, including at least one painting, will be finished an part of the show. Some of my art you readers have already seen, but at least half of it is new and, I assume you, excellent, worth you looking it up. :-)

I finally got an attorney appointed for my suit about WSPF staff setting me up to be stabbed! They are badasses, from the firm Godfrey & Kahn, which often represents the WI Press in lawsuits, which impresses me, as I too have fought for Free Speech and Press rights. So, I believe that they will understand and respect that WSPF staff hated me for writing about their misconduct and suing them, which is apparently why they enabled a guy to stab me, almost killing me.

Another attorney is representing me for two of my other suits (E.D. Wis. Case #19-CV-255 & 19-CV-704), both about abusive strip searches done on me.

Around 360 prisoners have been shipped out of my prison, due to an alleged shortage of staff. While both Seg/RH units are still up and running (meaning that there's one Seg cell available for every three prisoners -it's too easy for someone to go to Seg, and guys are put in Seg for minor misconduct...), there's only two regular units in operation and two special-needs units running. We get more Rec; I have a decent tan going, first time in over seven years (eight years ago I was in a Florida U.S.P., outdoors in December without a shirt)! I exercise diligently at Rec, put some muscle mass on my body....

By now, or soon, an Op Ed of mine about the need for trauma-informed care within prisons will be published in newspapers across the country, as part of Progressive Perspectives. This relates to my stabbing suit, because despite being stabbed almost to death, I STILL have NOT received any help with what any sane person would suspect would be worsened PTSD (I was diagnosed with PTSD before I came to prison & after being in prison, before I was stabbed three times in my head & more times elsewhere with a foot-long steel shank).

Keeping myself busy helps distract me from intrusive memories, of the stabbing and other traumas; doing good, helping othrs, is therapeutic.

Rianne has had many Zoom visits with me, which have been a lot of fun, educational, pleasant. I've seen her wild garden, the brilliant sunset in the fjord near her house -very beautiful!

Of course I've been helping others with their lawsuits, dreary but important work....

Thanks to you who have subscribed to this page, who like & share my posts on your socials, who subscribe to my facebook.com/PrometheusWrites.

The world's a mess: Trump, Putin the P.I.C., and many more selfish A-holes. I send my love to those of you working at making our world a fairer, more considerate, more beautiful, more healthy more intelligent and wiser place.




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BadC0mpany1976 Posted 1 year, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 6 months ago   Favorite
That's good that you stay busy in there Nathan. I don't really know what else to say. I have missed you out here brother. It's important that people know the real you and not what you did. I don't know what happened that night but, it wasn't you. I love you my friend and we probably won't meet again until we're both on the other side........... Adam

Nathaniel Lindell Posted 1 year, 4 months ago.   Favorite
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