Nov. 9, 2022

Mentorship Program

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


CDCR Mentorship Program

(an LGBTQIA+ Perspective):

"Those who have made
the most mistakes,
often evolve into
the greatest of mentors."


For many years, LGBTQIA+
incarcerated Americans have
contrived our culture if
mentorship of queer Youth,
and affirming development
of our Elders.

From Queen of the House,
to Yard Mamas, and other
esteemed titles that are
both earned and gifted
Respectfully, have been
maintained amazingly in
environments that view it,
with distain, by prison guards,
inmates, and proselytizing Prison

With little to zero support from
program writers, many LGBTQIA+
inmates have formed autonomous
micro-unity groups that focus
on the Arts, Sociology, Wellness,
and Rehabilitation, state wide.

Today, we see CDCR
allocating programs and
resources towards inmate
to youthful offender mentorship,
and while the concept is
both amazing and well
overdue, the complexity of
LGBTQIA+ mentorship remains
an invisible "ostridge phenomenon".

In spite of the opinions of
conditioned ignorance, LGBTQIA+
people are a unique population,
for example, an incarcerated
massive closeted situation
exacerbates oppression in real
time, where even Mental
Health professionals have
conceded to only being able
to engage depression, and
anxiety without a clear
view into its true cause,
which becomes secondary,
and in most cases, not treated.

Being Homosexual is not a
mental illness, nor medical illness,
and is deemed "a SIN" and
"an ABOMINATION," of the God doctrines
of Prison Chaplains, and since
there is no GAY affirming
prison education programs,
a prison mentorship program lands on LGBTQIA+ inmates
as being, un-rehabilitatable,
and unparolable from a
psychological perspective, through
evidence of exclusionary practices.

Equal treatment, not special
treatment is on the table here.
Transgender family members
are not homosexual, therefore,
SB#132 also excludes Homosexual
inmates as technical language of
the Bill does not sat GAY or
Bisexual. Yes, totally eradicated.

Everybody is not religious, while
even queer Muslim inmates, gay
Christians and Two Spirit
Native Americans, also, have no
Department generated resources,
that amount to equal religious
freedoms, and freedom of expression.

When inmate LGBTQIA+
affirming, and ethnographic perspective
programs like the Sound Mind Company
are denies, by perpetual stalling
tactics that amount to denial,
it continues the need for
LGBTQIA+ mentorship inclusion
for the safety and security of
all inmates, staff and the community.

As my condemned status
disqualifies me from participation
in the mentorship program,
I am not disqualified from
advocating for the equal rights
of incarcerated LGBTQIA+ Humans,
as I ironically am slated for future
transfer into General Population @ CDCR.

-Parallaxboi, @ Sound Mind Company
Condemned LGBTQIA+ Mentorship Media

"Accountability is not
a confession of past guilt,
accountability is a
declaration of future innocence."

"There is a difference
between making a mistake
and making a poor choice
the good news is
you now have an
unmistakable opportunity
to choose to be mentored
toward showing up
as a better decision maker."

"If you are not
spending quality time,
with incredible minds,
between the ages of
nine, and thirty-nine,
you are absolutely,
a part of the problem."

"Mentors are advice
not orders,
mentors aren't shot callers,
mentors call on you
to give self control, a shot."

"What sense does it make
to follow others into failure,
when you can lead yourself towards success?"

"If everything must change,
and nothing stays the same,
wouldn't today be
the perfect moment to accept a mentor
through the process
of change?"

"Make accountability
your first
better choice."

[Page 7 of 11 appears to be missing.]

#12. "Why be a product
of your environment,
when you can make
your environment,
a product of you?"
-Stanley "Tookie" Williams, to Parallaxboi

#13. "Demand more from yourself,
stop saying if you can only
help one person, it's worth it.
Because if you only help
one person, you have
failed the rest, it means
that we now make our
aim, the efficacious design
of how we view worth,"
-Stanley "Tookie" Williams, to Parallaxboi

#14. Being near you
should be the safest place,
wherever you plant your feet,
in society, in prison, in love,
for everyone."

#15. "We have already mastered
self destruction,
Let's see what we are
really made of, as we
study and practice
self construction."

"When marginalized people,
marginalize other marginalized people,
there is nothing to read,
between the margins."

#17. "As a gay person,
I don't require respect,
I do however require
not to be disrespected."

"Ignorance is our enemy,
not each other."

"Gay inmates are not
asking for special treatment,
Gay inmates, are
Requiring Equal treatment."

"It doesn't take courage
for you to be yourself,
it takes being discouraged
for you not to be, even
when you, are your own,

#21. "The moment
you become,
in control,
of choosing,
your friends,
very carefully,
very carefully,
you become,
in control,
of not,
choosing enmity."

"Those unwilling,
to appreciate,
your company,
are unworthy, of your presence."

"When you stop arguing
with who you
used to be,
you can begin to
agree in real conversation
with who you
are becoming."

"Two part time jobs
equals on full time

"True success,
is attained,
through asking,
for help."

#26. "Always do, what you need to do,
to always do, what you want to do,"

#27. "Would you hire you?"

#28. "Control your own narrative, [copyright symbol]."

#29. "Listening is also a skillset, under development."

#30. "Giants, say, THANK YOU."

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EndSolitaryConfinement Posted 1 year, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 5 months ago   Favorite
Dear FLoyd,

Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post, and really enjoy your writing.


EndSolitary Posted 1 year, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
Hey Floyd!

I really enjoyed transcribing your writing. I support you. Thanks so much for writing and I look forward to your next piece!


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