Jan. 2, 2023

Why; Lock and Key; I Wonder; Just Words; A Friend is...

by Jesus Andrade (author's profile)



Why do you hide from me
Why every time I find you
You turn away
Run away
And dissappear

Only to reappear
Wearing a different face
Different lipstick
Different hair
A different stare
A different smile

I know better
So I refuse
I let them love me
Then dissappear
Along with you.

Lock and Key

My love is locked
Key thrown
Strewn amongst the weeds
Shrubs and thorns
My love
Denied sun
Essentials for growth

My love is locked
A convict behind bars
Denied education
Proper health care
No visitation

My love
Is locked in a vault
Combination long forgotten
Air tight
Un moved
Days, weeks, months years.

My love is lost
It doesn't belong...

I Wonder

I wonder
What will you do when I
See you again?...

Ima hold you.
Will you let me kiss you?...
As you did back then

Ima hold you
Will you smile for me?...
As you did back then

Ima hold you
You just please pretend
That we are still more than friends

Ima hold you
What will your eyes do?

Or smile for me?

Just Words

A friendless word
To scatter feelings away
Leaving foo's confused
Chimps in a zoo

A word with a few
To wise only a few
The boys
Who choose to move as men do

I wish
I had learned in school
What not to do in the streets
In the streets I did
What I didn't do in school

A Friend is...

Pain broke my heart in two
Shivering tears split my soul
Creviced places that will never heal.
I will never be the same

But a friend is he who listens
He who cradles heads on shoulders
Tears over collarbones
A friend takes the burdens
And lessens the weight of others
No matter how hard
When walls crash
When everything around goes blank
When a threat yells in the dark

A friend listens
Embraces the troubles of others
Without judgement
Because a friend cares
I am here to listen
Im the air around you

I will be there for you
I will shield you
I will help you heal
I will help you find yourself
Your pride
For you are beautiful
I will love you
I will never leave
I am your friend.


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sjoyce Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Thank you for sharing your words, your poetry. Feels like there's a story weaving throughout, and I really enjoyed them all. Hope to see more of your poetry in the future!

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