Feb. 24, 2023

Don't Get Married, It's a Trap

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 2/8/2023 6:17:32 PM
Subject: DON'T GET MARRIED, it's a trap

Bro, take my advice back, don't get married; I just re-realized how fucked up women or
the like is again, it has been a while

since I had to deal with one on the level of making right choices between me and other half
slick-ass frauds; and just how

stupid they can be when it comes to their emotions and how irrationally they are in choosing
their mates;

they say one thing but their actions speak three different notes; they want to be told the
truth, yet every time you turn

around, she's flattered by the same chump she always bitch about or claim she can't

I forgot that trying to figure their choices and mind out is like, opening up an atom with
a pop can expecting to see evidence

of the mystery of life; if you are having these problems you have now with Ashley, it's only
going to get worse if you get

married; you better off being the villain in the relationship; because, in all honesty
they want heroes yet soon as he goes

off to protect their castle, off she goes and fuck the stable boy;

until you find that rarity, the one that truly loves you and will submit to you in ways you have not
asked her to,

but she just do it out of love and respect, stay away from that altar; it's a trap.

i'm too old to play these types of games with these ladies with teenage girls constitution;
and yet they wonder why they are

treated poorly, that's what they like and seek; at least in the west, I most go else where;

stand your ground bro. don't be tricked into that matrix. no matter how much love you
have for them, they can't handle it

appropriately, only a small fraction of women can, most cannot, and it's a shame,
because they cry for other men to

support them when they have the power to make a change, yet they make poor and
stupid ass choices;

on that note, i leave them and their kind where they belong, out of my way; love bro.



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