May 2, 2023

Comment response

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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So Hey, What Time Do the Riots Start?
(Feb. 25, 2023)


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I've learned that the original comment to this post was removed for violating community standards or BTB policy, I'm not sure. The comment was from TenzinTenzin, and yes, it was nasty and assaultive. I've considered asking to block this user's comments, but I truly don't believe in censorship and will avoid that if even slightly possible. I don't want my commenters' comments removed, not even the ugly ones. I love those who speak up for me and try to protect me, and I appreciate the thought behind the flagging. If I may suggest, though- sure, tell BTB if a comment offends you (or offends me) but don't ask them to remove it. Instead, ask them to ask the commenter to behave better, nothing more. And please, absolutely, leave your OWN counter comment! When one person says something hateful and no one else says anything, it just looks like everyone agrees. If you dont, then please, speak up! Thanks everyone. I will reply to the comments when I get them from BTB, but that often takes weeks. Still, if you came to my defence, FOR SURE I'll be thanking you here in these threads! Love you All! :)


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