June 1, 2023

The Double Clause of Social Problems

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


The Double Clause of Social Problems
that is enlarging itself against humanity—what is worthy
anymore (Which Stories)??

The concept of news work draws our attention to how the reporters and editors who creates news coverage experiences this process. But what about the individuals who find themselves being covered as the subjects of new stories? Many are political leaders, celebrities, even activists who have sought the news media's attention, who hope to see themselves covered.

But what about ordinary people who have some news worthy experience that suddenly catapults them into the media spotlight?

Palmer (20l8) interviewed people who unexpectedly found themselves subjects of news coverage. Their experience has two parts. First, they find control of their own stories gradually shifting to journalists, who have identified a story that can be told that may interest their own lives, but the former carries more weight because it is the reporter who decides which elements are needed to make a compelling story. The subjects of the story usually find themselves cooperating with the reporter's construction project to turn their lives into something newsworthy.

The second part of the experience is that, having allowed the press to present their stories to the public, the subjects of news coverage find that the people around them hold them accountable for that coverage. They may feel that there are errors in the resulting story yet have little ability to set the record straight, especially since the news media's attention may have already shifted to the next topic. The individuals who had their “fifteen minutes of fame" may find themselves living with a status or stigma that they never sought.
—Being News (Best, 2020 pg, 131)

What happens when your service is abused by a company that supposed to have your best interest in mind?

From generation to generation there are people who prey on the helpless, homeless, inmates, the lass Fortunate, elderly and widows. Every time these individuals are taken advantage of because in the minds of the scheming people, who is going to catch them?

JPAy has taken a lot of money from inmates whether it was purchasing music and games. We didn't get the service we deserve. Many players were getting hot because the battery was swelling on the Kiosk. The video visit was already acting up many family members' lost money.

So the Department Of Correction was in the search of a new vendor in Georgia. They decided to go with Securus/Unity as they were changing over to new vendor Securus/Unity. Computers were changed out to new ones, people's old players locked. No video visitation. It's limited, the things they can do on this new kiosk because they cannot connect the old tablet if it is still working to new kiosk.

Something happened with the new vendor Securus/Unity. Now DOC is looking for a new vendor. The inmates have lost a lot of money. Many don't have tablets because they either burned out because of the battery or they're locked. No video visits, only two hour regular visitation with our family, even though COVID-19 is over. No church services barely, even though COVID-19 is over. The excuse is there are not enough officers.

Also with our emails: since the mess up with JPay switchover to Securus/Unity to no vendor. Our emails got messed up. It says that our email people have to be on an email list with DOC. This has never been like this in the State of Georgia Corrections. The family and friends who were not on visitation usually are able to email us. Then many inmates have outside mentors who can't even get to their mentee. This whole thing with hindering our outside communication is out of hand.

Many inmates have changed or turned a new leaf because of the volunteers coming into the prison to minister to them. Many inmates don't have family to visit. When a chapel volunteer comes into minister, they consider it a visit.

Personally, the inmates should not have been left so long without services. Especially when it is for the beneficiary of everyone involved.

Question: Why is that inmates can't have laptops and cellphones with limited services on it? 'Cause technology is advancing, but the inmates are not. But they are placed on the streets after so many decades without knowledge of certain provisions like a cellphone or a laptop. What are we scared of?

What is the Georgia Department scared of? It's like the system is scared to venture out to new ideas.

For instance, inmates been making contraband sweatpants out of their sweatshirts. The system is just now putting urban street gray sweatpants. Why so long in waiting to get sweatpants? Many other states been had sweatpants for inmates.

The inmates are locked up. Doing time is a punishment. That hurts any inmate, ask them.


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