June 1, 2023

Oppression of the dust is real

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


Oppression of the dust is Real

Somethings that are motivated under the particular thought criminalization. Which leads to mass incarnation. Why is that the United States has the most people locked up and out of every state in the United States? Georgia has the most people locked up? Is it really because of recidivist or cause the crime rate is high?

In my view, the laws are too harsh and sometimes judgment is poorly made. There are so many people locked up for crimes where the witness credibility was never measured. Some others locked up because poor investigation on the state parts. Because Georgia is busy reserving cash. In certain small areas, like Bainbridge, GA, you don't get a sentence hearing, your own investigator appointed to your murder case, nor are you allowed a second expert witness opinion for cause of death. Especially in the '90s.

Many people went to prison off one expert witness opinion, defendants were not allowed their own investigation of the state witness. Many African Americans in this area jurors—when they was picked—only had one black juror and the rest were white. When the law says a fair trial that doesn't happen in Bainbridge, GA. You can count on your hand how many Blacks are allowed to practice post conviction or offered a plea bargain. Not too many.

Bainbridge, GA has never had any black judges, mayor, police chief, sheriff chief, etc. More whites run everything in that county. Really, it's hard to even leave in that county if you are African American.

I remember my homeboy who lives in Alabama but from Bainbridge, GA was leaving his momma's house to get back on the road to travel back to Alabama. Just because his tags said Alabama, he was pulled over under suspicion. This was 2023. I am like, we are still doing this in Bainbridge, GA?

Something has to change in Bainbridge courts and community. My hometown is a beautiful place to leave. This ideology, "It's a white man world in Bainbridge," as an identity has got to change. Not all people are treated equal in this community, I feel.

How many people have relocated from where they are from because the African Americans or other is not treated fairly? But you think your hometown is a beautiful place to live, but the identity of what the whites stand for is not right, right. I wish there are watchdog groups that would go around monitoring the courts. How many African Americans are allowed to certain jobs? Are they treated fairly in the juvenile and criminal courts? Are they allowed to practice post conviction, housing, in the neighborhoods, etc.? Especially in the smaller areas like Bainbridge, GA?

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


We are killing ourselves in the name of our truths. People, what if your truth is causing you to have mental health issues? What if your truth has caused you to be sink in both your STD, HIV, AIDS, or any other type of sexually transmitted diseases? Ponder this: was your truth losing your mind or standing a chance to die with a disease?

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Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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