Aug. 12, 2023

Call for support and advocacy

by William Irving (author's profile)


Call For Support & Advocacy
On May 30, 2023 I transfer to
E.R.D.C.C., 2727 Hwy. K., Bonne Terre, MO.
63628 from J.C.C.C. As a continuing act
of retaliation and to hinder my pending
litigation against them, my legal doc-
uments, materials that were stored
in J.C.C.C.'s Property Rooms Legal Storage
were not transferred to E.R.D.C.C. with
me; and classification staff per case-
workers Nicole Frances; Mr. Wells and
Ms. Gross along Correctional Staff
guards COII. Sgt. Case; COII. Sgt. Wiess;
COI. Ms. Halton; and secretary Ms. Bill-
ford are subjecting me to an uncon-
stitutional conspiracy (disafford-
ing me of the rights and privileges
all prisoners in General Population
possess) as a means of civil ex-
tortion for me being an awarded
and published writer at places
that give away cash awards be-
ing in my file.

As a result of this, these staff are
refusing to contact J.C.C.C. and have
me legal documents/materials for-
warded to E.R.D.C.C.; maliciously
precluding me from sending and reciev-
ing e-mails and using the telephone
by refusing to provide me with
the new e-tablet with the teleph-
one app upon it; refusing and de-
laying obtaining my legal docum-
ents from E.R.D.C.C.'S Property Room
and maliciously falsified a cdv.
#3.1 dangerous contraband against
me on July 12,2023 to unconstitu-
tionally remove me from General
Population where which no cell in-
spection form for my cell H.U. #4-
B-109 was ever done meaning dang-
erous contraband was already
in cell and not mine -- and thus
had me unlawfully placed in adm-
inistrative Segregation H.U. #2 due
to my refusal to allow these
named prison officials to extort
my writings for capitalistic int-
erest (financial per cash awards min-
us compensations) and unethical
reasons (sexual gratification per
erotic prose).

The greatest majority of these prison-
ers are day-in day-out 22 hours
a day running throughout the prison
and H.U.#4 in particular zombied on
every drug and synthetic drug poss-
ible; committing stabbings; fights;
and cell thefts daily and remain-
ing in General Population. Prison-
ers are literally threatening case-
worker Ms. Frances; all Sgt.'s and
Lt's in H.U. #4 and receiving no
cdv.'s no assignment to adm-
inistrative segregations H.U.#2--
yet, I don't do drugs never have
and never will; go by the rules and
I'm the one unconstitutionally
conspired against and having cdv.'s
falsified against me as if I don't
have a right as all prisoners to
be housed in General Population.
This Ad.-Seg. extensive assignment
is over with for me. I just finished
doing 13 free months at J.C.C.C.
before arriving here at E.R.D.C.C.
May 30, 2023.

Your help is needed please! Please
immediately call: 1) Ms. Kimberly Ann
Collins, State Representative, (573)751-
1400; 2) Mr. Mikue Kehoe, Lt. Governor,
(573) 751-4727; 3) Ms. Melissa Massmann,
MO. Dept. of Corrections (or Ms. Anne
Preseythe, (573)751-2389; 4) MacArthur
Justice Center, (314) 254-8540 and 5) Mr.
Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney General,
(202)514-2000 and lodge the afore-
mentioned verbal complaint in my
behalf and ask that the violative
E.R.D.C.C. employees be disciplined
with 1-Week off without pay; re-
assignments (with possible term-
ination if continued misconducts
towards me), investigation and
implementation of an adequate
and binding remedy into uncon-
stitutionally/ plaguelly unsafe con-
ditions of confinement in Gen-
eral Population and Ad-Seg. H.U.#2
at E.R.D.C.C. and you all would like
me released from Ad.-Seg. H.U. #2
back to general population with
cdv.#3.1 dismissed and expunged
please. Please understand, I do not
plan to post any poetry while held
in Ad.-Seg. H.U. #2 after this post.
I will not be forced to live in Ad-
Seg. at no prison!...

You are appreciated and cherished!
Thank you!
W.M. Irving


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