Nov. 8, 2023
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Date: 10/31/2023 11:16:09 PM
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Master Blog of the day, get wisdom. Oct 31, 2023. .

Master Shoku, On Mt. Daiji in the Ko District preached: "It is better to practice one foot than to explain ten feet. It is better is better for us to practice one inch than to explain ten inches."

Master Torzan said, "We explain what we cannot practice, and we practice what we cannot explain."

Uhuru: explanation is practice and practice is explanation." we practice what we don't know, so we can explain what we do and don't know, so we can began to practice on how we can understand and maybe come to know it. practice is explanation in action and action is explaining practice, in another way/form.

To understand is to practice explanation, and better understand so to be able to explain. When Master Torzan said: "We explain what we cannot practice and we practice what we cannot explain'. The master nexus the two components together, because they are one and the same relatively. they have two faces on one frame, or post. This further is illustrated in MasterJoshu exchange with the student and his bowl. the student got it without explanation. when he had asked to be taught "All" the masters teachings in the temple. The student was told: "to wash his bowl" after he confirmed he had eaten his breakfast. one could view that as, "Shut up and stick to simple stuff, and only the core stuff or stuff you can handle now, or small bits,, and one section at a time. etc... which is all true and different items of wisdom. which is also part of the lesson, for the request was too big and require a life of energy, dedication and learning and most significant,


The second part of the lesson, is what Shakyamuni said, "The whole of the teachings is one: Practice life, and life is practice, and all the mountain of explanation amounts to one thing! practice life and live life.

Hence, "WASH YOUR BOWL". gassho. Uhuru.


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