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by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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Kutcher's a Kook, but not because he supported his friend
(Oct. 15, 2023)


Comment Reply (Andromeda #2) 12-12-23
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Hi again, Andromeda.
If for some reason you see this reply first (or only) just know that in my other reply, the one to your comment on the post "More Tepid Takes on Lukewarm News" (I see they chose not to include my subtitle, "Crimes and Queers Edition" Pity.), I thanked you greatly for your transcriptions and comments, and especially for your good faith and open-hearted criticism. I hugely appreciate when people like you engage these posts with sincerity and human decency. you will make it all worthwhile :).
So assuming you DID read the other reply already... yes, Kutcher, Masterson, sex abuse, and all these happy-go-lucky things. That you transcribed, and are concerned about the quality of your transcriptions for, opinions that you disagree with or which make you uncomfortable, seems to me a real testament to your character. I'm grateful for your engagement and honesty with me. I sure hope you actually see this... I'm always sad that commenters and transcribers here so often seem not to see our replies and our thanks to you, and do you may not fully realize how much you are appreciated.
On to the less comfortable things. No doubt you neither need nor want my sympathy for your abuse experience, but i offer it anyway. I'm lucky to have never experienced any significant pre-police abuses, sexual or otherwise, so I can only imagine how that must feel. Believe me, I know abuse is real and really happens... one of my very best friends recently revealed the extent of the horrors he suffered at his father's hands, and they run the gamut from sexual to physical to emotional (and so often, those really can"t be seperated, can they?) I have ZERO reason to doubt in word he says, and it took him over 20 years to say anything at all. No doubt others in my life have similar hidden histories, and the thought wrackes my insides.
I am not a victim of sex abuse, not even by the curious standards that would label me one even if I insisted I was not. My first experience was the very picture of consent, and I was even nearly old enough for the law to have grudgingly acknowledged my capacity for that. Looking back I precieve a time or two that may have been "close calls" in my younger years for unwanted experience,, and for sure as a groewn up. I"ve have many moments of unpleasant attention, both in prison and out, but none that ever crossed the line to physical assault. I feel deeply for those who had worse.
That said, I am most certaintly a victim of sex panic, a victime of victimologists, abused by a cultlike industry of abuse-obsessed crusaders, and that is the lens through which i considered Danny Masterson and his supporters like Ashton Kutcher. Not only have I suffered greatly from false accusations (generally not from anyone alleged to be a victim himself, but almost invariably by the self-appointed arbiters of "abuse" who refuse to allow others to determine their own victimehood- or not- for themselves) but worse still, many in my orbit have been demonized for little more than not demonising me. Maybe they stood behind me or stood up for me =, and consequently they were painted as virtual enemies of the state. Certainly as enemies of the "good", at least. Again, this experience fuelled my analysis of what happened to this T.V. star accused of rape and his famous friends who spoke well of him. Bottom line, I wasn"t there (None of use were), so not KNOWING what happpened, I have a real problem with harsh protrayls and criticisms of those who are simply trying to offer their own personal knowledge of the people involved. I just say, let them speak, and maybe lets all of us on the outside have a little humility in judging whether their words should have any sway with the actual judges who will be sealing the fates of many with their one setencing order.
I appreciate beyond words your commitment to permitting and even encouraging the voices of others, including MY voice to be heard. Thank you so much. And like I invited for the blog on sexual identity, I'd really love to hear more from your perspective. I certainly don't claim to have a monopoly on truth-lol, how could I? It would be wonderful if some corners of BTB could become forums for sincere discussion and good faith debate and hsaring among open minds and open hearts. You are absolutely always welcome and appreciated as a voice here in my little corner. Thanks so much for being you!


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