Jan. 7, 2024

What is pain

by Kiyoshi A. Higashi (author's profile)


What is Pain

What is pain.
Pain is knowing the world may never
understand you,
and somehow you can't get out the mud,
no matter how much you plan to.

Pain is waking up inside a cell,
knowing this is where you'll die,
no way to express your pain behind these walls
men don't cry.

Pain is the fear when your father dies,
you'll forever be alone,
incandescent floodlights pierce my cell,
I'll never make it home.

Pain is when it hits you, there will be no
kids, no wife,
and for this gangsta shit, I threw away my

Pain is when you want to show you changed,
yet they only see your past
because the scars that I created are the
memories that last.

Pain is the moment when I can no longer
express my pain
and as I lay inside my casket, they say I
lived in vain.



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FatherJohn Posted 5 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite

You can find hope in your ability to translate your experience and feelings into meaningful art, the art of words, that can change other people. In putting your art into a public forum, like a ripple upon a pond going out from a rock sent skipping, you change the present, and in all likelihood the future. If you would like spiritual counseling, please reply to this post, and I will send you my contact information by snail mail. I am a religious person with the ability to listen and may offer you consolation and prayers, and maybe some strategies for peace. Nothing more, but certainly not less.

If that is not helpful, I understand. Each person's struggle is unique.


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