April 24, 2011


by Cody Robinson



FROM: 10157091
SUBJECT: #3-Ignorant
DATE: 4/7/2011 1:55:41 PM

This is my first blog written after BtB came back online. I thought about deleting the two previously posted (#1 - About Myself; #2 - 45 Songs) but looking back I realize, of course, that I could never do that. Writing is an energy to me; once I put something into words, I can only rewrite it to try and make it better. I can't destroy it. No matter what it causes, I can't destroy it.
I used to write blogs on the street, too. Deep, powerful prose that resonated truth and understanding. Then I got arrested and eventually I grew to realize I had been speaking with the ignorant, tinny voice of a child. I often wonder if I'm actually growing up or if I'm simply lying to myself and choosing to believe it. I see a lot of that here, as well. We all seem to have convinced ourselves that we've found a way to change every on of life's aspects except ourselves. But where does change being? And what do we truly have control over? Just because I notice it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be spared by it, I guess.
Today is one of those days where I feel the need to write. It's also one where every word is going to carry with it a touch of melancholy. I'm okay with that. I've never believed in covering up emotions.
To anyone wondering what I write: I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry and the occasional short story. I will be posting selections on here periodically. I guess the cool part of this is I can post my good stuff, and keep all the garbage writing to myself. No one has to know. Unless my locker gets searched and the officer decides to get nosy. But I have no control over that.
Thanks again to everyone who makes this possible.


FROM: 10157091
SUBJECT: #4 - Love and Hate Mail
DATE: 4/7/2011 2:00:52 PM

Anyone who doesn't already know me is more than welcome to write me at the following address. Please use the complete address. If you want to e-mail, just give me an e-mail address to write to and I will send an invitation to your inbox. Unfortunately, that's how it has to work. Also, if you want to say something but don't want to write or e-mail, you can always leave a comment on one of my blogs. The good people here at BtB will forward it to me.

Cody Robinson #10157-091
FCI Marianna Creek B
P.O. Box 7007
Marianna, FL 32447-7007


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