March 23, 2024

Beginning a Journal of Psychological Survival

by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Date: 15 Mar 24

Beginning A Journal of Psychological Survival

Good Morning My Love,

Another example of the abuse going on around here - yesterday around 4:00pm the power to the fans and television's went off in the last six cells and is still off! Right not it isn't that bad - but imagine not having power to your fan when your cell is like an oven! I can't charge my tablet either or watch television ... This place has gotten worse and is continuing to get even worse - here's another example - after they pass out lunch and dinner trays - they been coming back to pick up the trays in about five minutes or less - which is not a sufficient amount of time to eat what is on the trays - what I have to do is race to mix everything into a bowel, or eat like a madman and hope I can finish before they want the food tray back! I know that may not sound bad - but when it happens every day it wears on you! Plus the food is never delivered on time and is always cold ... All the little and petty atrocities add up to constant abuse that wears on you psychologically and is why I continue informing you, I live in an insane asylum filled with negativity! The sad part is over the years, I have become hardened to the constant abuse due to accepting it as normal and not struggling against it!!!

Maybe I should being writing a journal, to record every little incident that creates the negatively charged atmosphere around here ... But ask myself why? Who cares? Why struggle against it - like a riptide pulling you out to sea seeking to drown you in its abyss of psychological abuse - it is better to swim sideways, than against the current ... See the dilemma?

Okay - I am going to add a copy of this email addressed to you, to my blog and may just begin adding a copy of every email I write to you to the blog - I love you - One Eagle - XoXo


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