April 9, 2012
by Clarence Martin (author's profile)


Greeting to you all in the mighty precious name of Jesus Christ my Lord and savior. My profile page only asks for a good Christian woman. Now I want to share a little of my life, and how it's changed even if I am in prison. Jesus was put in prison, John the Baptist was put in prison. Let's take a look at Paul he spent time in prison. So if you're a judgmental person then you're not reading your Bible with the understanding of the Holy Spirit. There is only one judge and he is Jesus Christ. Anyway, I was born in Lakeland Florida December 16, 1967, according to TDCJ I was adopted when I was young. My adopted parents were the greatest, my adopted mom was Pentecostal Christian and devoted, my adopted dad well he was an atheist, but a good man. I was raised around horses, cows, hunting, deep-sea fishing. Plus I traveled from state to state, my dad was in the Union pipefitter welder. So I know what traveling is like and living in and out of a travel trailer. Yes, I have been to some awesome places, seen heavenly sites. For over 0 years I was just like the Israelites going in circles around the promised land. Now well I have found my promise land in God's word. It's taken me over 30 years too. And you know what it feels good. Praise God! Growing up I was spoiled rotten motorcycles, horses, cars, trucks. Nothing was ever good enough I was rebellious to my parents. Maybe it was because my real mom done drugs and drank a lot. Maybe that's me looking for an excuse to right all my wrongdoings in life. I used to steal from my family, my friends, I would fight at the drop of a hat. Was there peer pressure in my life, sure kids always learned from other kids. But the choices you make in life, trust me on this you live with for the rest of your natural-born life. My biggest problem in life was drugs, it ruined my family, two marriages and put me where I am at right now. This is my third time in prison, my first time was a burglary in Florida 12 years all to support my drug habit. So I told myself well maybe it's the state so I come to Texas, well it wasn't the state, I burnt down a restaurant, it was out of business, but the owner still had insurance on it, well I came back to prison for 6 years. Now I have 75 yrs for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which I pled not guilty to. My case is still ongoing on appeal as we speak. I went to trial and lost. I pray every day I'm granted a new trial. What would I do if I received a new trial and won, I'd get help with my addictions, but mainly stay steeped in the word of God and help younger kids. Try to turn them to the narrow path. I don't feel there's enough help here in the USA. I was raised middle class just chose wrong choices drugs I'm smart I'm a hard worker, I've been told I'm a handsome man. But drugs don't discriminate but considering all I've put myself through I always spoke to Jesus. I used to go to church after a night out drugging and drinking, I knew I needed help but my pride got in my way, I thought I could fight it myself, well you can't I'm sorry I'm too late. But not for Jesus, he says in Mark 8:34 if we wish to come after him, we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him. Jesus gives us the way and God provides the instructions. All we need to do is ask him he will turn your life around no matter where you are, no matter who you are. God will erase your past and paint you a heavenly future. It takes help and support from family and friends but it can be done. And it's never too late with God. But it will be too late without him. The Bible says so! I'm just so more at ease with life, oh don't get me wrong I battle with Satan daily, especially the environment I'm in now, but if you rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus trust me that old devil will try to get somewhere hallelujah!! Plus god says there's many mansions and eternal life in his kingdom, I want that. What about you? And here's the best part it doesn't cost no money. It's free as long as you praise Him, obey Him follow the words written by man but inspired by God. Yes, years have passed when I would laugh at whomever would talk about the Bible. Now I pray and talk the Bible because it's the truth. Jesus says John 8:32 and you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free. I wish I would have really truly given my life over fully to our lord years ago, but it's ok because if God wants me back out of prison then he will do his will but in the meantime I will do what the holy spirit guides me to. And that's what I'm doing right now sharing looking for someone on the same level. If you're out there please write take a chance, I used to take a chance every day just walking out the door of my home. I will tell about the most bizarre jail I was in here in Texas during my trial in my next blog entry I could write a best seller if I knew how to write. Well until next time may God bless you and keep praying. The end is near...
March 24, 2012, Clarence Martin


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