June 15, 2012
by Douglas L. Thomas (author's profile)
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June 5, 2012
Response to Comment 4dmc

Spilled milk,

Hello. I hope you actually read my response. I meant to get to it a lot sooner, but things have been crazy around here lately. Sorry about that. I hope you are doing well!

How did your speech for school go? Thanks for slacking a bit to take the time to read my blog and comment on it. Also thank you so much for transcribing it for me. I know that probably took forever. It means a lot. Thank you!

My life has been miserable lately. About 2 weeks ago, the air conditioner went out on my building. According to the administration, they had to order a part. It's obvious that they aren't getting into any sort of hurry, but then again they aren't locked in on 8' by 10' cement and steel cell with no air circulation. For those of you who don't know, it gets hot in Texas. All this steel and cement only magnifies it. Hopefully, they get it fixed soon.

Spilled milk, in your comments you also had a few questions. I'll try to answer them now.

No, I was not released on parole earlier this year. I guess that's kind of obvious. I was given a 3 years set-off which means I'm not eligible for parole again until late 2014. I'm not really sure why they done that. I've done my best to follow the rules. I really stopped trying to figure these people out years ago. There's nothing I can do, so I guess I won't cry over spilled milk. :)

About me having to buy my court transcripts: during the pre-trial period, the defendant is given a copy of the papers requested by the attorney. Those papers were sent to my mother for safe-keeping. Now for whatever reason, she has chosen not to send them to me. A few years back, I had a legal organization offer to help me, but I couldn't provide any information without my transcripts. I wrote the county clerk and explained my situation. They told me that because my case is considered closed, I have to pay for the papers. I can't put together any writs or motions without specifics contained in those transcripts, such as names, dates, case numbers and other information. I honestly believe I've waited too long to have a chance. I had hoped to find a couple of understanding pen-pals to help me with, but things haven't worked out. I don't really have anyone reliable enough to log onto pen-pals sites and post my profile. I've basically decided to wait until I'm released and see what can be done.

You commented on how my story is messed up, but in the end, that's just life. That's true to an extent. I know I probably sound like I complain a lot in my posts. That's not my intention. I share the negative aspects of my life so that others can see that each of us has the power to rise above the circumstances, whatever they may be. I could sit here wondering, "Why me?", but that accomplishes nothing.

It's crazy how just one wrong decision can lead to a lifetime of problems and suffering. We all can look back and find something we'd do over or change, but living in the past only holds us back and presents us from building a better, more productive future. I hate what I've gone through, but I've grown from it and learned from it. This experience has also taken off my blinders. I used to be somewhat judgmental, but now I try hard not to be. This world is not perfect, neither are we. Each of us makes mistakes. Our lives are shaped by the way we grow and learn from those wrong turns. I can't base my choices in life off of others' notions. I'm in charge of my future.

Wow, I'm sorry. I went on a rant. I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. I look forward to reading your comments in the future. I plan on trying to begin posting again on a regular basis. I'm currently working on a new blog post. I also plan to begin posting some of my fictional stories I've started.

Until later. Take care of yourself. Stay strong and don't let life's problems beat you down. Smile, even when you don't feel good.

Best wishes,


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