Oct. 12, 2012

Daily Journal (9/17/12 To 9/20/12)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Daily Journal
Sept. 17-20 2012

Monday Sept 17, 2012 9:36am: They're back down here working on the showers, doing the tiles, making a lot of noise. Well, we got four more guys on DC today so now there's 9 of us down here. I should have been getting off tomorrow, if these low life sorry criminals posing as correctional officers wouldn't have falsified another state document, committing another crime. Bunch of no good damn criminals working for the Florida Dept. of Corruption. I just finished a letter. Trying to figure out what to do next. I'm hungry and we've got a bad lunch. We get one sandwich now, instead of two. So this is a rough day food wise. We have at least two more hours before we eat.
2:06pm: I just wrote a blog, Reckless Abandonment. Maybe that will help someone think about their drug and alcohol abuse and reckless behavior. I started reading a Western. That Hunchback from Notre Dame is not very good. I've only read about 20 something pages, but I couldn't get into it. I'm fixing to go read the Western now. Oh, I heard my Miami Dolphins won yesterday. :)
7:42pm: I'm just waiting on the showers. I'm reading this Western "Man Hunt" which is pretty good. Showers are going to be late for us because both of our showers are being worked on, which means we will be taken over to 5 or 6 Wing for our showers. Probably somewhere after 9pm. That sucks. But that's the way it is. I've heard this warden is fixing to get moved. Not sure how true that is. Also word is the sgt in the law library who I'm having problems with is also going to be moved out of that position. Only problem there is they may give him the job of administrative sgt. which would be even worse. I hope that's not the case. The guy is a criminal. He's smuggling weapons into Death Row, a maximum security unit, and doing other unlawful acts like falsifying state documents. So I hope they're not going to promote that idiot. But that's probably what they're going to do, is promote him, for engaging in criminal activity, victimizing me. 'Cause that's the way of Barry V. Reddish.

Tuesday September 18, 2012 10:33am: Well, had they not lied and falsified the last DR-#213-121325, I'd have been off DC today. But I've got to carry on since I'm dealing with a bunch of lying low life criminals, who are posing as correctional officers. This is the corrupt world of the Florida Dept. of "CORRUPTION". Hopefully they don't commit another criminal act in the next two weeks and falsify another state document. We will see. Lights still aren't on. I'm waiting for them to come on so I can get some writing done. The guys working on the showers are on another wing, I can hear saws. Wish they would finish one wing before they moved on. That's stupid to have all of these showers out of order.
6:23pm: Sgt. Lee notarized an affidavit that I had been trying to get notarized since the last of Aug. Then I got a legal letter from the investigations manager of the office of the Chief Inspector General's Office, stating they wanted these issues investigated and a report within 60 days. This is giving me some hope that I may get off of DC this time. And all these illegal acts may come to a halt. I sure hope so. I'll be posting all these letters to and from them over here on the blog to share with everyone. I wrote a letter to the investigation manager. I finished that Western. It wasn't all that good. I'm fixing to lay back and relax for awhile. Hope to get some mail in tonight.

Wednesday September 19, 2012 7:41am: I've been up since 5am. Cleaned everything up. Got the letter on the door ready to go to the investigation manager of the Chief Inspector General. Whenever they pick up legal mail. I was just working a Sudoku puzzle. I started another book, "King of Heists". This weekend I should have "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Which is a book that I wanted to read. I read "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" last year 'cause it was the only book down here. Wish I could have read them in order but it doesn't always work out that way. I have 13 days and a wake up to get off DC. That's if everything goes right and hopefully there's enough outside pressure to keep them from falsifying another state documents. We will have to see how the next week or so unfolds. I'm going to finish my Sudoku, read and maybe do some writing.
8:51pm: I've just been sitting here working on Sudokus. I wrote a letter to the Inspector General, which I'll mail tomorrow. Other than that I've just been reading. I'm fixing to call it a day and lay down. I had to go to 5 Wing left side for showers tonight. Neither shower was working. But both should be ready Friday.

Thursday Sept. 20, 2012 9:03am: I just finished writing a letter. I have at least one more letter to write to my mom. I'm going to write another blog up and then do some reading. I've got 12 more days down here. I just sent a letter to the Inspector General. Hope this does some good.
12:51pm: I'm getting word that there's been a lot of talk about me out there on that quarterdeck the past several days. That's not good. Nothing more that I can do about it.
5:19pm: Well, another day. Tomorrow I'll have 11 to go. They will be searching our cells tomorrow. They've been hitting us almost every Friday. And knowing this, I'm not going to have anything in here that's not supposed to be in here. But that doesn't mean anything. 'Cause they'll put anything in here that they want to put in here. Or lie and falsify a document and say anything they want. Right now I'm going to wrap this up and put it in the mail. Until tomorrow.


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