Oct. 29, 2012

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by Quashon Huskey (author's profile)
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Where's the Love
(Aug. 21, 2012)


Hello Nicki!

I just received your comments to the topic of my blog post (Where's the Love) and I am a little overwhelmed by the fact that you logged on all the way from Australia! I want to say thank you for taking the time to even consider reading my words. You should be proud of your Australians that qualified for the Olympics also. I don't think that people understand the work ethic one has to have in order to be considered an Olympian. I feel that people are insensitive to the everyday struggles of others. Ha Ha :). Yes, people do say stupid things (including me). It always tends to happen that way. The way that the positive is overlooked in the world is sad, we can appreciate the good values, morals and virtue of a person, we always have to look at their faults, weaknesses and failures.

This country I live in, America, is very backwards... But the fact that a 16 yr old girl is ridiculed, and has had her character assassinated by her OWN people is a problem. All they have to say about the girl is that her hair isn't looking right?

That is embarrassing to a race, culture and nationality that has endured centuries of ridicule from everyone else. For 500 years, my race has been through trying times and to think that in 2012, we not only have taken one hundred steps backwards, but the bitterness and hate has been turned inside to the point where we dish it out on the ones we are supposed to support. Someone went wrong somewhere.

Nicki, I get upset because African Americans should be proud of our race, for how far we have come, for the bar we have raised for ourselves and the future.

Some of my African American brothers + sisters have forgotten the struggle our people went through. The history is very insignificant to majority of them. They don't care.

Nicki, how do you view the United States President, Barack Obama? Do you think he'll succeed in getting another term as president? How do you think he has done in the first term?

I think he should win a second term, I think he will win a second term. He has done more for Americans in general than the average politician and any other president in the history of the United States.

I would like to continue my correspondence with you because you seem like a really nice, intelligent and level headed person. If you are willing to, you can continue to write me directly on my blog: (http://betweenthebars.org/blogs/652/quashon-huskey). This is my (URL) or Internet Address.

Again, Nicki, I greatly appreciate your comments, I hope that you will continue to log on to my blog. Read what I have posted in the past. I try to keep it relatively fresh all while giving you something to think about. So will you continue to read my words, my heart and my life?

Sincerely yours,

Quashon Huskey


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