Oct. 30, 2012

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From Reform with Palms Up by Michael Johnson
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Post: "Back in my Groove", "W.S.P.F. Games of Voyeurism"


Thanks for working on my transcription for my posts. I sort of been out of my groove, due to having to wake up in a cell with a high resolution monitoring camera watching and recording my every move. Yes, I'm talking about the use of the toilet, showering, daily exercise routines and even the solo act of loneliness! I must admit that I truly despise being forced to star in this nonsense. I can now appreciate the outrage of sports anchor Erin Andrews, and every other woman who has been viewed in various stages of undress without their knowledge.

I am not suicidal, nor have I ever been so, so I cannot understand how viewing me while I urinate, masturbate and defecate serves prison safety or security. This is simply uninhibited voyeurism. Sick, perverted and blatantly abusive voyeurism.

Unbelievably, I'm actually not the only victim of this despicable activity. Wisconsin Secure Program Facility is most likely the only prison in this country that has cameras inside prisoners' cells who are not suicidal or a security problem. It should be noted that Wisconsin Secure Program Facility has a serious problem of prisoner exhibitionism on its hands and the cameras in our cells are directly responsible for the high rate of flashing by prisoners to W.S.P.F.'s female guards, nurses and staffs.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not making any excuses but a blind man can see that there is a correlation. There was a major lawsuit against this place about eleven years back, and part of the lawsuit was about the cameras in our cells. The warden at the time pulled a cold and calculated move by removing majority of the cameras out of our cells, so the court wouldn't issue an unfavorable ruling ordering him to do so, but once all the dust settled those wretched cameras were immediately reinstalled. Again, perverts and weirdos!

So, I beg of you to help me shine a spotlight on this visual rape that I and HUNDREDS of other prisoners go through every single second, minute, and hour every day. I need you to view this perversity for exactly what it is, and that is the camera that records some unsuspecting shopper in a dressing room, the creepy landlord who has rented you an apartment that he has rigged up with micro-cameras in the bedrooms, shower stalls, by the toilet, or the son of a bitch who eyeballs you outside of your bedroom window with a high powered set of binoculars or telescope. As a man, I can tell you that it isn't any less creepy, disgusting or terrifying for me. In this age of YouTube, I don't want any personal moments of me showering or using the toilet broadcast to the world. We all know that it can happen and most likely has happened already.

Think about what I'm saying and I'll truly appreciate any support on this issue. Pass this post around to your family and friends who are about fighting the good fight.


Amir Sigidi Michael El-Shabazz


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