Dec. 22, 2012

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by Marcus T. Rogers Jr (author's profile)
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How are you? Hopefully things are good for you in Scotland. I'm doing OK and taking things around here one day at a time.

I want to thank you for your responding to what I previously wrote you. I think it's amazing to reach out and be heard from someone so far across the earth. :)

It appears you hit a hard time in your life with no work and loss of friends :(. I've learned that who we are as people is defined in our hard or worst moments so in your situation rather than fold and give up... you chose to inspire and receive inspiration... I can respect that totally.

You may feel like your struggles don't compare to the stories on BTB but it doesn't mean your struggles weren't hard for you. Even in your difficulty you found a way to extend yourself... in turn, you're now working and able to express yourself in a positive way to others... that's real cool.

Continue to have compassion and an open mind with your patients because you never know when your light will shine on someone's life. You're obviously a kind hearted person and your ability to inspire or want to inspire is obvious... continue to do so.

I thank you for your response again and in closing I would like to ask if possible can you mail me photos of what things are like around where you are in Scotland?

I'm always interested in other places and what life is like for others. If this is something you could do... that be great. :)

Take care, happy holidays, and continue to shine out there.


Marcus T. Rogers #377571
100 Corrections Drive
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Happy holidays :)


What's life like in Scotland? (Childhood to adult)
What music is popular?
How do you enjoy your time (free time)?
Did you meet new friends?


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