March 1, 2013


by Mr. Daniels (author's profile)




The penetentiary graveyards and the slums, a passing of the torch for many of us ghetto-dwellers. Our stories all seem to come from struggle, pain, poverty, oppression, and failure. As we try to rise to the top of the food chain we seem to cause so much pain to our own kind and many of those who look like us.

Trust, love, respect, dignity, and love for self are foreign to you. Knowledge is replaced with the fast and the furious (fast money, fast women, and our souls being sold to the devil at a furious pace)!!

Will there even come a time when we can gain back our freedom and independence? How do we even try to take on control of our own lives? Is it when we can stop depending on the same folks who have put us in these dire circumstances and situations to get us out of them?? It really doesn't make sense to ask the person who has his/her boot on your neck to change into some tennis shoes does it?? You've got to figure out a way to get that person off of your neck period!!

I try to find ways to enlighten those around me, to think outside of the box literally. Because we seem to fall victim to the lies that these TELL-A-VISIONS put on our brains. We have got to find a better way, because the truth is we are our own liberators!!

Everything that you can see now first was a thought in someone's mind. So you really have to look at what you feed your brain. It all begins with a thought, we have got to make sure that we feed our mind some of the healthiest food!!

We are up against a machine that many fail to size up and take seriously. The indoctrination that is said to be an education is exactly the opposite of what they teach you here.

You are in fact learning ignorance and stagnation. We become easily controlled and confined to a prison inside our own mind. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and we have to stop faking the [?] and accept the reality of our situation.

I really do salute the few who fear not and strive forward to bring enlightenment in this dark ass place. Those who push to advance, who have learned to overcome the obstacles that keep us repeating the cycle of senseless violence and at many times, violence directed at our own. People in our shoes, those we profess to love and protect!!?? Crazy, huh??

Through these trials and painful situations you have to come to the realisation that you will have to sink or swim. Because you are in the middle of the ocean of misery.

The struggle will continue as long as my heart beats. Whether I'm here or out there in society, I have an obligation to not be jaded or misled any longer and to make sure that the next generation has a better chance.

Planting seeds and making awareness my main priority while I'm still confined in this death-trap, you would be surprised at the bright minds that you find held captive in these tombs.

It's time for me to look ahead and plan for the future, because it won't be long before I'm out of this place. I can do more for my loved ones our there than sitting in this dungeon dying slowly.

One love one struggle,

Mr. Daniels


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