Jan. 7, 2013

The Madness, Myths & Mayhem

by Mr. Daniels (author's profile)


The Madness, Myths & Mayhem 12-25-12

As I dwell inside the bowels of this beast, I try to picture myself explaining the daily life to one who has never seen, experienced, or heard of the souls in the tomb, "buried alive".

Written from solitary confinement (picture a one bedroom apartment and you're locked inside the bathroom 24/7). Each day is an uphill battle to just stay sane yet at the same time, not to succumb to the madness around you.

This place is designed to break you!! Mentally, physically as well as spiritually. Let's make no mistake about its purpose. Torture of the mind, body and soul. Somehow, some way when you arrive at these gates, the "state" has targeted you. No matter of your innocence or guilt, the "state" has deemed you a threat to its establishment.

Many are products of a society that has no use for the poor, the broken, the down-trodden ghetto dweller. To escape the reality of our dire situations, we find solace in a drug, drink, television show, or some type of hook, magazines or escapism.

It's a sad situation that we find ourselves in, constantly destroying ourselves in the process. Fighting each other over petty shit yet we lick the boots of those who make a living off of our misery. Divided by race, cliques, religion and lifestyles, we always find ways to stay separated. Playing right into the oppressors' hands with fake politics, false hope & disunity.

Undercover fakes & snakes continue to infiltrate and disrupt any real means of progress, yet the cycle of chaos & madness continues due to the mindset many have chosen to accept as right or real!

More muthafuckas talking about the latest game, TV show, or freak [illegible] as if this shit is gonna help us achieve anything. Shit we are living now is foul! So it's time to be the change that you want instead of just complaining about it yet accepting it. An active mind is dangerous so you got to use your head. Think for yourself, ask questions and put into practice some real shit.

Mr Daniels #K-57072
C.C.I. 4B-2B-208
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Tehachapi, CA 93581


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