Jan. 31, 2013

Badges of Honor

by Mr. Daniels (author's profile)


Badges of Honor?

Prisoner, convict, gangster, thug. We take on these images, as badges of honor. They become the sole defining characteristic of our being. As the media glamorizes the bad guy, we fall victim to the attraction. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations go out the window as we become the fuel that feeds the image.

We become the protectors of other lost souls, while at the same time bullies, predators and destroyers of countless others. It seems that the worse we become, the more the image expands. The lines become so blurred, that everyone you see is in one of three categories: Friend, Foe or the potential to be either.

The years go by and eventually you find yourself trapped inside a concrete & steel tomb. Stripped of your humanity, a life of censorship, sadistic zoo keepers, disease, heartache, loneliness and frustration. Reflecting on what could have been and all that you've lost. Memories of days gone by and what could have been. Stress on family, yet we finally understand the meaning of unconditional love.

We sit wondering what our true potential could have been, can we be forgiven or were we just survivors of a brutal system that is designed to mass produce chaos in all of its forms?

Convincing ourselves daily that things will get better soon. Can't stop, won't stop takes on a whole new meaning when you truly live it every day. Here for your loved ones in spirit but never in the flesh (times when you are needed the most). Tears that go unseen, because we suffer in silence.

Just a scratch off the surface of the life one lives. How can you really describe the indescribable? A badge of honor? Really?

Mr. Daniels


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