March 10, 2013

The Seven Shades Of Wisdom

by Nasir Wali Muhsin (author's profile)


Pg 1 "Seven Shades of wisdom"

1) He who knows not and strives to know is a seeker,Aid Him!
2) He who knows not what he should know is a wonder {Wanderer}, guide him!
3) He who knows not that he should know is asleep, wake him!
4) He who knows not and fears to know is enslaved, Free him!
5) He who knows not and rejects to know is dead, pass him!
6) He who knows not and claims to know is an impostor, show him!
7) He who knows and shares what he knows is wise, heed him!

Last note to you all!
The cake doesn't make the crumbs, the crumbs make the cake. Our lives are what we make of this, not someone else! Allah's gift to use was/is life. What is your/our gift to Allah?

My Question!
Which out of 1-7 do you consider yourselves most to be like (eg. the seeker or the aid, the wonder {wanderer} or the guide, the sleeper or the awakener, the enslaved or the free'er, the deed or the passer,the impostor or the shower, the wise or the heeder?

Personally I could attest to being in the skin of them all from time to time both as a youth and an adult. I mean lets be honest, who can really-really sit or even stand and claim to know it all, share it all, not have fears and so on? We humans so we should always strive, seek, and share. Just the same at some point or another our fears lead us to regret things, claim to know shit we don't know or simply choose not to be guided. But only a true man or woman will face his fears, free himself and wake up to truths. I did, I do, I will.

I am: Nasir Wali Muhsin
"All responses welcomed"


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