March 30, 2013

Dear Readers...

by Justin A Barron (author's profile)


Dear Readers

Hi there. Sorry I haven't written in a while. Work has been keeping me in bed. My job is at what is called Unicar, a place where we break items down to their basic components, from TV and stereos to CPUs from NASA and super computers. Gold, copper, aluminium, metal, and plastic. There's more to the list but I don't want to bore you. Our pay is in what is called pay grades. Premium and 1st - 5th, 5th being the lowest, pays $0.23 an hour. After one month you become grade 4, $0.46 an hour where you make anywhere between $32-37 a month, that's $1.60 a day. I just got my grade 3 which is $0.69 an hour, $2.42 a day and around $48-55 a month and that's only part-time. If I were full-time I'd make around $96-111 as a grade 3. Now that may not seem much on your end but to us that's food, clothing, and shoes. We may not pay a water or electric bill but we do have a store-man bill. A store man is someone who sells food in our housing. Stamps being the currency, one stamp is a quarter. Weird huh?

On a different note I have a question for you. My step-father and I never ever got along, he's the one who called the cops on me. I call him by his first name because I never saw him as a father or a dad. He never got to know me or even bothered to talk except to bark orders (he's military). He'd bring his work home and by that I mean a bad attitude. Someone once said to me that anyone can be a father but it takes a special someone to be a dad. My question is this, I don't like calling him dad, how do I explain that? Help, please?


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