Jan. 17, 2014

Red Dots

by Justin A Barron (author's profile)



Dear Readers,
Hello, how is everyone? Sorry for the lack of new updates, but my work has kept me away. To those reading, Happy Turkey Day! Someone left a comment on my last update about a friend of mine who passed away. They said to write about him, and I thought that to be a good idea.

We called him "Little Chris" or just "Chris". He was Native, a Lakota, and more mature than me, even though I was older by a month or so.

It happened during a lockdown, "count" as they called it. I was watching TV through our cell window. Chris and my other celly, who I call Atai, were planning a prank. Chris was planning to give me a "red dot" to the back of my head. A red dot is when you strike someone hard enough with either a tennis ball or handball that it leaves a red spot where it hit you. Hand balls work the best. I was unaware of the attack heading my way.

As I watch my show, I had a creak in my neck so I popped it, not hearing the ball hit the door. I began to hear laughing behind me. When I turned to see what was going on, I saw Chris holding his face. Puzzled, I asked what had happened. Apparently, when I popped my neck, the timing was so perfect that the ball Christ launched at my head had shot back at him, striking him in the face full force. It hit him in such a way that it knocked his lenses of his glasses out of their frame.

I told him it was his greatest shot he ever did.

Till next time.



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