April 24, 2013

Let Me Fly

by Rodney Foster (author's profile)


"Let Me Fly"

Let me fly this coop. Let me be free. Flying is freedom. Stretching my wings and taking off. Soaring freely in the air. Flying in circles. I don't have a care.

Let me fly. I've been ready for take off for years. Let me fly. I've put behind all my fears. Let me out of my cage. Let's see how high I can go. If I'm never given the chance, we'll never know.

I know I can fly! I've never done it before. But I know I can reach new heights. R. Kelly believed he could fly. I know I can fly. Don't worry, while I'm up there I'll wave good-bye.

Why do the birds ever leave the air? Once I take off, I plan on living up there. High in the sky, touching the clouds. Hoping that I'm making the whole world proud.

Let me fly. Let me be free. Flying is freedom. This cage equals death to me.

Leave the cage door open, I'll do the rest. Me taking off will be the ultimate test. I'm ready for flight. Now is the time. I'll go higher than Jordan in 89. That was child's play. I plan on going to the moon. And if I ever touch down again, that will be way too soon.

I watch the birds up there. Can they see me? Do they care? Can they hear my screams? Let me fly up there where the air is thin. All alone up there, not needing a friend. I'm so envious of the birds. Because they can just fly away. And I'm left here dealing with this prison life for another day.

Written By

Rodney Foster


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