Jan. 20, 2013


by Rodney Foster (author's profile)



She's torturing me with those lips and hips. It's torture to look at you and know that I can't touch. Is this what water-boarding feels like? It must be. 'Cause it feels like death to not be able to touch them.

Torture, you got my brain in knots. All my thoughts are about you. It pains me a lot. Looking into your pretty eyes is like being hooked up to electrodes. I feel like my whole body is about to explode.

Torture, watching you walk away. I love the way your hips and ass sway. Torture, talking to you. Every word is like a gun shot coming from a .22. Every word you speak makes my whole body melt.

Guantanamo Bay has nothing on you. You torture me daily with the things that you do. This continuing torture is driving me crazy. Please have pity on me and release me from my misery.

Torture, the way that you smell. Makes my mouth water. Is this hell? It's like you're slowly pulling my fingernails off, one by one. This torture won't be over until me and you are one.

Torture, I haven't eaten in days. Your beauty takes away my hunger pains. In this dark cell your smile is my sunshine.

Torture, it's like you're pulling my teeth. But no amount of novocaine can take away the pain of this heart strain.

Torture, how about one kiss? Then I can die a happy man, yes, even after all this.


Written by:
Rodney Foster #208482
W.C.I. P.O. Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963


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