Aug. 2, 2011

Dearest Children

by William Goehler (author's profile)


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July 11, 2011

Dearest children,

Back in February 2011, Brandon was almost to parole in less than a month from here. He had led me to believe that his pen-pal girlfriend, Tina, had open lines of communication with you all via your Facebook sites. And so I was invited to write you all and have Tina relay our letters to one another.

I should have suspected something when Tina, without me asking her, assured me that she had a way to post any photos which I would like to share with you all and that she would return them to me immediately afterward. I had already given Brandon quite a few old photos of all of us in the '90s, when I first got here to be with him in 2008, so I just didn't suspect that he may have had any selfish design in any of this. But... onward!

On February 14, I mailed Tina 4 pages and 5 photos to Will.
On February 16, I mailed Tina 3 pages and 5 photos to Destiny.
On February 17, I mailed Tina 3 pages and 6 photos to Yashua.

I wrote each of you several more letters in February and March, but Tina had apparently lost her enthusiasm to relay letters after I sent the pictures. A couple of weeks later, she wrote and told me about a drunk loss—which absolutely enraged me—and then she just let me hanging there with that news for more than a month of silence until a recent letter letting me know that she had never sent you all my letters nor the pictures. She gave them to Brandon when he got out.

First and foremost, drunk or not, there's no justification for what happened and I hope to someday share a drink with that person here. Secondly, children, I'm really doing all I can do to get those letters and photos back from Brandon so that I can post them to you on this blogsite.

I love you all. And I wish you all the very best.

Be blessed


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