May 19, 2013

When Do the Lies Stop

by Donald Tinsley (author's profile)



"When Do the lies Stop" 4-30-13

Hello to everyone in the free world. Damn it I have had a bad year so far. It's official, an inmate has been lied to again by the California Department of Corrections. "Imagine That." In alot of my previous posts I've talked about how I'm being treated like shit by the prison staff. Bullied by a guard I called it. Well ain't nothing changed. It's even worse then before. First it was just blatant lies by the regular guards but now it's gone up the food chain. I went to classification on April 16, 2013. I went in front of the AW, A CCII and the yard captain and 2 other counselors. I knew that classification was going to lie to my face but to have the "AW. Warden" there and allow her staff to lie to me and her not speak the truth. Who tells the truth these days? Obviously just me, they sure and the Hell don't. I point blank asked them are you going to give me a fair shake, tell me the truth on why I'm being transferred out of CMC. They looked me in the eye and said yes we will tell you the truth this morning. "Fucking Liars"


I asked them am I being transferred out due to my disciplinary past here at CMC? They said no. They said I am being put up for transfer due to I'm not "high care medical." Since the 16 I have watched half the inmates on this yard go to classification. None was put up for transfer for high medical reasons. So this morning my cellmate went to see his counselor. She told him that he is going to classification in a few days. He asked if he was being transferred out, No there's no reason for that he is properly housed. He has the same write ups as me, same points. So yes they lied to me as usual. They have no integrity, Their word isn't any good. Never in life believe anything that law enforcement has to say. All of them are bullies and liars. Inmates are cattle to them and they have no reason to ever be truthful to us. Also, they took my flatscreen TV and some other items and are making me pay to send them to the streets. I have no $ so they will throw my property in the trash. My cellie is gonna have his mother send a jay pay like $15 to my account so I can send out my TV. If the $ gets to me on time I'll pay to ship it to my brother. My little cousin may want my TV but why would he want it, especially when he probably has a cool TV.


Here is the thing. I get a few write ups and they take all my entertainment appliances, put me in a empty cell, put me up for transfer and so here I am. "2013 sucks." This has been one of the worst years of my life. All this bullshit that's going down in my life is why I haven't posted anything on my blog. When life is fucked it's best not to write about it. No one out there wants to hear about someone elses problems. I'm old school and I was taught that if you don't got anything good to say then don't say anything at all. That's why I haven't posted anything in quite some time. No one likes a sad story or a downer. So I'll end this post on a good note people. There is a new case in California called John Doe - Doe v. Harris. The court has 90 days to rule on it. It's been around 1 month already. Anyhow this case if the court rules in Doe favor I can file a writ and get my prison sentence in half. I have 68 years to do so lets hope that Doe wins.

I'll write when I'm in a better mood.



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