Aug. 3, 2011

Lifers Support Group(LSG)

by Thomas A. Hightower (author's profile)




Lifers Support Group

Thomas A. Hightower (J-98566)
C-Facility Lifers' Support Group Secretary
Mule Creek State Prison
4001 Highway 104
P.O. Box 409060 C-14-108-Low
Ione, CA 95640-9060


Dear Disability Rights Education/Defense Fund Staff/volunteers,

First off, thank you so much for your dedication to the rights of the disabled and aged of California.

I am writing you on behalf of the disabled and aged prison inmates at Mule Creek State Prison. We suffer a constant barrage of discrimination and abuses by the staff more so than the other inmates. When prison administration acts as if being old, crippled, or disabled means absolutely nothing; and treat us with contempt, it is picked up on by the younger and more aggressive inmates.

There is no programs, that are properly administered, where the disabled and aged are given the extra consideration necessary to be able to function in a atmosphere geared for the young and healthy. We are forced to work, even when we meet the free-community standards for full disability and/or full retirement.

We are also not permitted to form a group for the purpose of mutual support and advocacy. We once had a "Senior Affairs Committee" just for such a purpose. However, the C Facility Captain disbanded it stating flat out he did not give a damn about the disabled nor seniors. The Facility Captain Kaplan, as well as CDCR in general feel that aged/disabled have no right to live nor to be extended any courtesy whatsoever with our limited physical abilities.

We live in constant pain, because only California refuses inmates the right to a clear orthopaedic air mattress in place of a steel plate bunk with a pad on it. This leaves us with arthritis and other degenerative problems in constant pain. While staff will state we have no right to live free of pain or any extra accommodations for limited physical conditions.

Case in point: Recently Mule Creek Medical staff came through and took away a majority of inmate's canes and said they no longer needed them. This in the face of using canes, walkers, or crutches for years for chronic problems. The excuse was that custody feared too many inmates had canes, crutches and walkers. This is a Sensitive Needs Yard, there is no fights going on, no weapons being used. Its a yard filled with a majority of men over 50. The taking of the mobility devices was to be able to deny accommodations such as lower bunk chrono to the disabled.

The female prisons have a wide selections of senior affair programs and accommodation. Yet the female have identical security concerns. The difference between the men and women is only our representation we have outside these walls.

We need help from the outside these walls. As well as educational materials on our rights. We need the ability to form a Senior/Disabled Support Group. The Lifers have a support group; so does ex-gang members (Criminal and Gangs Anonymous) So why can't seniors have a Senior Affairs Committee support system. As well as a outside advocacy system?

Thank You.

Thomas A. Hightower [signature]
T.A. Hightower
LSG Secretary

[By Thomas A. Hightower July 2009]

What have you done for the Lord today? That is what you should be asking yourself. Not the reverse. The Lord gave you life. He gave you intelligence, although He may have forgot to give the Politician a share of the brain issues, but you get the picture. What more can the Lord give you?
The Lord gives you eternal Life, if you but obey a few basic commandments. Easy right? Not very easy with all the temptation you say. Well, I guess eternal life. No more pain, sorrow, strife, envy, hate, I guess you will really miss those things huh? Well you act like you will miss those trials of life, by how difficult you make keeping a few basic commandments.
Did you think about that about statement? Now what have you done for the Lord today? Have you even took a quiet moment and bowed your head and said "Thank you Lord for the life you have freely blessed me with". Its not hard to do.
Have you listen to His reply to your questions, and needs? Try just stopping thinking, fretting, worrying, or just plain shut up from the whining and complaining, and listen with your whole being. You hear that? So quiet you say you can't hear anything! Your welcome. For that was your answer to your prayers. Pure quiet. Peace. Nothingness. Its a very precious thing to feel the peace of nothingness in a life full of hectic garbage that is nothing more than a hurry to an early grave with nothing to show for it. Learn to live with less, buy less, spend less, and enjoy what is free. Love. Family. Eternal Life. Peace. The Lord's hand upon you. Its all free. Take a few minutes each day with what is free. The Lord is always there, 24/7/365 just waiting for you. Afterall, you are more important to God, than apparently He is important to you. If not, there would have never been a prison built. That is not cruel, its true. Trust me, it took me a 30 year to life sentence, to learn, that had I just listen to the Lord, and been happy with what is free to us all, then life would not have passed by why I away. Its no too late for you.

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