June 19, 2013

@Golgotha w/ Joe Joe

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


@ Golgotha w/Joe Joe
By: XZYZST 5.18.13

XZ: Alright now, out here on the yard today with yet another
true prince of the peoople, sup man?

JJ: Yeah, lets do this, let me get my stuff, okay!

XZ: It's like an exercise yard between us, so it's hard
to hear you so I'll try to get as much as you say down alright?

JJ: It's cool.

XZ: So where are you from out here?

JJ: Southern Calif, City of San Gabriel.

XZ: About how old was you when you got arrested to come to deathrow?

JJ: 29

XZ: What about your age when you started getting arrested

JJ: 14 years old.

XZ: Now we both know each other from Y.T.S., which is the
Youth Training School, California Youth Authority, let's just
put it out here, it was prison for kids. Alot of people
know me as Sugar Ray because I was a member of
the Y.T.S Boxing Team, but most people had no idea
that I was also being certified as a butcher.

JJ: Yeah? I always thought Boxing was your trade, yeah, I
didn't know that.

XZ: I said that to ask you, what was your tradeline
experience at Y.T.S?

JJ: Commercial Arts, the class was right over there by the...

XZ: Explain that, in brief, so our readers can feel this.

JJ: Caligraphy, drawing, airbrushing, it was broad based
and it was a good class, we learned alot.

XZ: Name two other people that was in your class that got
out and did something successful with that skill set?

JJ: Joe Cerra, he works at Disneyland

XZ: Now that's some real boss shit right there, anybody else?

JJ: That I know of? Hell NO, everybody ended up back in prison
or dead, you see, people don't even realize this.

XZ: That's crazy because I was showing my folks those boxing
tournament videos and the camera ws pointed at the
door before the bouts started and one by one, line
by line, we watched youngstaz from every unit walk
in a line to be seated inside the auditorium; everybody
with me was watching the beginning of a boxing show,
but I was watching a funeral. I even cried because
Keith Davis, "CL" Curtis Lawrence, I mean, it was just so
many homies had trade skills, but got let out to the
same streets and, fuck man....

JJ: They did everybody like that, see look, most of the trades
they was offering certifications for didn't translate into
employability skills because nobody could find a job
because they was outdated, we had 1990's skills, but
not 2000 job ready. (both LOL;)

XZ: Valuable shit you just said, what about family?

JJ: My family is real tight, you gotta have a strong family
or else when bad things like this happen, it's those tight
family units thats extremely important.

XZ: So after checking out the Write or Die Zine project issues #1,
and #2, what do you think? Outside of a few typos not bad huh?

JJ: Hey you know what, I thought they was pretty good, let
me tell you, not only did both of them have like a
positive energy to them, but what I like the most, was
that it shows, or let me say, sends out a look from
the inside, rather than that same old outside sterotype
view because whenever people see things about this place
they always show fools here for crazy ass things....

XZ: Man they even be showing, whats that fool Charles...

JJ: Yeah huh? And he hasn't been here on deathrow since 1973?
Or something like that? And you probably wasn't even
born back then (both LOL;)...,I'm just saying man,

XZ: Do you know Piankhi?

JJ: Yeah man, tell 'em I said this is real cool and I saw it
as interesting as Readers Digest LOL;

XZ: Man, you be reading everything, Readers Digest?

JJ: Hell yeah, they be having some feel good stuff in there, and
I do, I do read alot, thats how you learn, observe everything.

XZ: So that means you know about the African Proverb:
It takes a village to raise a child, so trip, outside of
your family, I'm talking community here, name that one
thing that you always wanted that you never got
before coming to deathrow?

JJ: True unity, you said what I wanted?

XZ: Yeah you.

JJ: Ok, true unity then.

XZ: I love this question because you never know what
people will say, it's like even though most answers
are different on the surface, so far, you have
been the 1st one to just come out and say what
every answer really is on the under, unity.

JJ: That being said, the reasons for the lack of unity
differs because like my Latino community for instance,
unity is there in the setting, but in the end it's
never there, you know what that is?

XZ: Why?

JJ: Because in these times people just get up and move,
it's not like before when whole families settled down

XZ: Aww yeah, I'm feelin that, thats a trip, elab...

JJ: Man, people move so often now, they don't even know
who lives 5 houses down the street no more, or
which old lady is The Homies G.Mom's, Man, the
inner city youth are growing up where the true
comfort of a real community or village is lost
in these times.

XZ: I mean, bring it, you got a reason for all that?

JJ: The economy for one, if you go back in time, you will
see society as a whole was self sufficient, the
people was stronger, plus they broke the fabric
of the way society was for them, because, man, if
you really look, you can see how capitalism killed
the villages.

XZ: Real fuckin talk, dog, even females are looking for dudes with $,
so if you ain't showing material shit, or racks, you ain't nobody.

JJ: Capitalism killed communism, and communism was good.

XZ: Ok, hold up, because since you used the word
communist, and since WOD has a younger
demographic readership, I'm going to write
out, at least one dictionary meaning of the word
communist, because as you know, that word alone
in America, especially in politics, pisses people off.

Communism_____A theory of social organization
advocating common ownership of
means of production and distribution
of products of industry based on need.

JJ: exactly, hence the word, community. So if 1 guy don't
work for that day, he still eats, everybody always eats
because everything belongs to the community, everybody
gets skinny jeans (both LOL ;)

"This conversation was interrupted by a capitolist pigeon, that took
about a half of 2 cups worth of shit that came within
inches of XZYZST LOL; It's well known that the exercise yards
on deathrow are under 2 metal chiken farm like covering, and
birds rest and lay nests high above the yards, so this
happens more often than most think."

"XZYZST being the nature freak that he is simply cleaned up
the contaminated papers and explained to the pigeon that although
he was forgiven of the bombing; not to expect a tight fresh
pair of skinny jeans in pigeon size when the economy bounces
back here in America (everyboy LOL ;)"

XZ: New topic?

JJ: Ok, I'm ready, comeback over here, don't trip, I can see them,
I'll watch out for you (LOL;)

XZ: Yeah right!

Andre: (in the distance) I told you younsta, they got bra yesterdays, but you went
over there anyway (LOL;) and you're going right back, alright, alright...

Any, I've spent my life in war zones, JoeJoe, next topic.
XZ: As you know, in the Black community, we have always
said that prisons are now filled up with alot of people
that was targeted back in the 1990's, especially by
the Los Angeles police department. From your experience,
as a Latino, did they do yall the same way, or are all
black people that make court complaints lying, crazy
or tryig to come up off the system? "as they say."

JJ: No, look, these people always deny what they do and
try to make it seem like the black youth or latino
youth are like all crazy wild animals, but to answer
your question, hell yeah they dogged us out as well,
man, they even had a protocol to look for people
that dressed the same, but everybody dress the same
in the tarrio and hoods because thats what was
being sold to us in those areas. Those clothes was
affordable and, oh yeah, so now that people is wearing
these skinny jeans, the cops is all confused now..LOL; (everybody LOL;)

XZ: You hella crazy, but thats true tho, that stop and frisk
shit is even, awh man, let me say this, I was on the
phone with my son and he was saying the LAPD took
his cellphone and his friends phones feel me, after they
came up to the high school because of a melee in the
cafeteria, anyway, Young Prince said the cops said they
would all get their phones back when they show up for
court, which was like 5 days away. SO IF YGz is
readng this, don't take those phones back because they
doing all kinds of shits to those phones, including
waiting for them to ring so they can pin a dope case
on kids feel me, so heads up, go hard, but also go smart.

JJ: They got this new protocol called curbside searching, you
see, they can now "pat them down only," thats if they look
suspicious, oh yeah, tell them to look up a case called
Paul vs. Ohio, the cops can't take or open something
if it's sealed, so if they do this, that person can
use Paul vs Ohio to help them out, no matter what's
inside the sealed item, remember that.

XZ: I'm saying, the cops is just out here pulling kids over, and
taking stuff from them and don't get me started because....

JJ: You see that's what I'm trying to tell you, this person
named Paul beat the charge because it was an
illegal search and seizure of how the cop obtained
the item that got Paul locked up, so if a person
is reading this zine, and is locked up for something
like this, they can appeal it because most people
don't understand the wording of laws, I'm not just
talking about the search, or patdown, I'm also talking
about the word "seizure," for example anybody under
the age of 18, if they use a 6 pack photo line up against
them they can beat the case because of how the cops
seized the photo of the minor.

XZ: Ok, now I get it, no adult...what if the kid signed that paper?

JJ: If the kid was already a ward of the court at the time, yeah, but
we are talking about kids like your son and daughter that
ain't never been in nothing, a minor can't represent himself,
it takes a parent or guardian to sign for permission for them
to even take a photo of the kid, hell, schools can't even
take kids to Disneyland on a school field trip without
a par.....

XZ: a parent's signature, real shit, go on.

JJ: And they got cops pulling kids over, asking them what
their name is, and taking photos of them so the cops
can put it in what they call a blue book, so when
something happens in the hood, they show victim's
the blue book and say, which one of these kids was it?
And that's a violation of the minors constitutional rights under
Paul vs Ohio because those are illegal photos because
of how they was seized; I know some kid in Juvenile Detention
is reading this right now and is like, "oh hell yeah, I'm outta here" LOL.

XZ: All up at the park flexing, what the? all posing and shit!

JJ: Yeah, in a line showing off tattoos, my homie snoopy
was the 1st one they did this to, most my homies
are lifers now, but they had us in a condo structure,
garage door as the backdrop, and flicking it up, I
was like, what the fuck is wrong with you foolz?

XZ: OMG, you know what you just said? Dog, right now as
we speak, the cops is out there taking photos of the
next generation that they are planning to fill up the
very prison cells that we all live in right now, on the row.

JJ: That's some sick ass shit huh? And they parents don't
even know about it, because kids don't know man,
I mean, we was all just kids man, do parents read WOD?

XZ: I hope people read this shit and realize that child
porno dudes ain't the only ones out here taking
photos of inner city youth.

JJ: Unbeknowsnt to parents and guardians, and they be
all like, accept responsibility for your own actions but
how do you tell people that when the whole thing is
a trap, and don't get it twisted, 9 times out of
ten; most victims just be pointing out photos of
people that ain't did nothing, man, we all look alike too, to them.

XZ: That's why I love my nigga Tyler the creator for that
Mountain Dew commercial because they can put
a billy goat in a photo line up and they still
going to pick one of us. Boot licken ass, Uncle Tom
ass fools out here acting like they don't get that commercial.

JJ: I couldn't hear your last question because it got
hella loud out here, repeat that last one..

XZ: Nawh man, what you just said was so valuable, it
made me, oh yeah, hold up, I got one more of
our routine questions for ya, If these cops walked
a tour of juveniles already locked up, in here,
right now.....

JJ: It'll never happen, they don't want them to see
this truth, but what do you mean like positive?

XZ: I'm saying, What, if anything, would you say to them, period?

JJ: you know you plan to say stuff, but your words change
when you're in the moment? I don't know, oh,
become a nerd because he starts last but finishes
first (both LOL;)

XZ: Where in the hell do you be coming up with shit LOL;

JJ: No, think about it, in every community, nobody likes the nerd,
They get beat up and all kinds of shit, but they are the
ones that become pillars of the community, some become
politicians, or own major companies, and others become, like,
they get at us and in the end become law makers. I
said all of that as a joke, but being serious, I am saying
that they get to be smarter now than we was when we
was their age because now they can see more than we did.

XZ: Good shit dog, I want to say my usual 4th Melenium B.C. ending
but you really hit on a good point that, here we
are, as a society, worried about sickos taking photos
of our youth, but totally miss the cops doing the
same exact thing, I mean, right now, as we speak.

JJ: Things that make you go hummmm!

The End!


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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