Sept. 13, 2013

Comment Response

by Allen T. Gilmore (author's profile)
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August 12, 2013

Allan Tracy Gilmore
CDCR #V 28333
Correctional Training Facility
P.O. Box 6891-D-W-105-LOW
Soledad, CA. 93960-6891

Between the Bars
P.O. Box 425103
Cambridge, MA. 02142

Dear Ms. Jolly:

Please be advised that as of the following date August 08, 2013, approximate time 05:00 p.m., I am in receipt of your latest communication to me, and as always I'm delighted to know we're still communicating.

However, I am extremely disappointed to hear that your son Randy's light of hope and inspiration towards obtaining a little bit of relief from his unjust sentence has become rather dark, nevertheless with a mom like LindCJolly, I'm absolutely sure that he will be alright.

Listen, Ms. Jolly, at one time I used to pay guys to litigate my criminal conviction, and thanks to a guy named Scotty's advice, that I should learn the language of law, well, here I am now litigating criminal and civil law.

At one time I laid down in the area of law, and I didn't go anywhere near the facility library, however, I jumped right back into the fight. Anyone can learn law, and at one time no one knew law, not even the famous Johnny Cochran. I think I pecked his name right. One thing's absolutely sure, Ms. Jolly, and that I can promise you is [no] lie, is when they sent Randy where he is now, they sent him there to do absolutely every single bit of the cruel and unusual unjust sentence that they gave to him. As far as the lawyer you were just paying, he probably just took your money, which you already know he was doing. However, Linda, don't look at all attorneys in a negative light, because there are some extremely good attorneys out there, they are just far and few of them.

I was robbed by a couple of attorneys and thanks to the last dump truck I had, I'm now fighting a Lien Notice in the amount of $10,000, which is in violation of the California Penal Code Statute as applicable to me in a civil proceedings. Nevertheless these people will take my money, your money and anyone else's money they can get their hands on, Ms. Jolly.

I'll be out of here really soon, Ms. Jolly, and I would be extremely delighted to assist you and Randy with any kind of legal assistance I could extend, but I have to get out of here wherein I have accessibility to the appropriate legal material I need and don't really have access to. I spoke to the San Diego County Public Defender Supervisor and was informed by her, that she would fast track my case, and get me the hell out of here, Ms. Jolly. I'm extremely apologetic that it took me so long to respond, I was transferred June 18, 2013, and relocated a hundred miles north to another plantation. Anyway, Ms. Jolly, stay on this channel, make absolutely sure you don't turn off of it, and hold on a little while and I probably can help you, to help your son Randy's legal situation. Take care and until I hear from you


Allan Tracy Gilmore


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