Jan. 27, 2014

Dear Concern Reader

by Allen T. Gilmore (author's profile)


Allan Tracy Gilmore January 20, 2014
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RE: Blog Material To Be Posted

Dear Concerned Reader:
I'm delighted to inform the entire world,
that the great slave state of California, has been engaged in
an exodus of slaves from plantations all over the state going free.
However, the entire exodus of slaves consist merely of old and
medically ill populated slaves, who have become rather extremely
expensive to the political state shareholders of slave stock.

They have incoming new slaves, who are more healthy, a lot
younger, lesser intelligent and a lot lesser aggressive towards
correctional officers and the corrupt establishment as a hole.
The modern day new slave is extremely uneducated in historical
facts and prefers falsehood over reality, fiction rather than
truth and wrong over right and tend to stray away from any kind
of teaching of discipline behavioral restructuring.

However, the old slave have become financial pathogens to the
slave trades economical growth, wherein the old relics such as my
self total existence is the eradication of political kidnapping,
slavery, human trafficking and illegal medical research conducted upon slaves
against there free will and intelligent knowing consent. I went
dark for a few months, but I did not go to sleep, because I don't
sleep, never have, and I never will, for the truth may rest, may lay
dormant, but will always, and I mean always shine and illuminate the
world with truth be told, and the historical records held in accountability
February 11, 2014, Allan Tracy Gilmore's date with the oction block
approximate time 09:00 a.m. San Diego County, Vista California Superior
Court Dept. 31. before the Mon. Judge Timothy Casserly wherein I have
petitioned the oction reappointment of freedom papers and the modification
of a $10,000 fine imposed for a petty theft conviction in 2003 of May 1st,
wherein there was absolutely nothing taken.
My assets totaled close to $70,000 dollars at that time, my slave
trading lawyer beat me out of a chunk of that, then informed the oction that
I was up for grabs wherein the oction ordered me sold to the state of California
and placed upon a plantation for 25 years to life for petty theft.

Allan Tracy Gilmore


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