Dec. 17, 2010

Sometimes life seems very hard and difficult

by Jamar Sullivan


Sometimes life seems very hard and difficult as if you don't want to carry on no more. Life truly feels like sometimes unfair, as if the whole world is against you, one thing I learn in life is we must keep a sense of humor. Rise above the madness, even though we as human beings, living in a cruel ass world.

True indeed, some of us struggle with hate, pain, anger, anxiety, sadness, drug addiction, rather it's depression as well as stress under pressure, with poor families and no jobs or education, some struggles with no role models or no love from relatives, fear of being abandoned. Some struggle with disabilities and retardation, some struggle with inner hatred, directed toward others, or negative thoughts. But all in all, honestly speaking myself struggles daily with being incarcerated.

Well despite my being incarcerated with all sorts of criminals, surrounded more around hatred, rather than positive, I still manager to maintain my sanity unlike many others here who have failed to do like wise. However I must admit only a big fool would say he's completely sane living in a unnatural/unbalanced prison environment. Waking up every morning to this madness institution, I'd be dazed and confused, but I must keep on striving on but I've continued to hold my head! Because only I've survived, through these trials and tribulations. Dealing with so many problems in life, is there a solution to it? I always be wondering is everything going to turn out all right? Well I'd hope so even though myself lives with regrets everyday how my life in general turned out.

Never the less, when anyone is places in a cage, set of rough conditions that sincerely causes serious mental and physical duress, the results can indeed be catastrophic. As well picture being removed from the natural process of life. That allows you to really feel a sense of commonality by developing naturally warm kindly feeling ahead in this human existence. Now if all the pure energy and attention that prison administration apply to seeking t basically destroy the human, mind, or spirit and more importantly the soul of it's transformed to effect a qualitative change in the mind-set of prisoners success could be at hand. Indeed this strategy can really be accomplished. This is called, pay the ultimate price, nor should I quoted "debt" to society.

But what really needs to be focused on is how can we, as humans unite together, bring about peace, with one-another, because change takes place through awareness and active choice-making. The knowledge to build our strength, to sustain ones self-goal and obtain victory on the battlefield of war zones.

Due to the face, everything is politics, and based on the "money issue". But in reality it should be about enjoying life and counting our blessings, because the world be a better place if we'd all have a profound love for humanity. And working on stopping the wars, and the mess-destructive route the world has taken, truth be told, everybody should at least donate more feed to the third-world countries. And really start seeking out ways to have clean-water, food, clothing, sent to the poor in need of these supplies.

Overall standards we can make a difference because "Policies need to be changed, & more education programs need to be implemented, an all human-rights should be equal."

Also, last and not least I would like to thank first of all, "Between the Bars" for allowing prisoner's voice to be heard. And many thanks to all visitors who read the blogs & leave public "comments". Peace out! "Only the strong survive"


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just-a-friend Posted 11 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Is this (JJ).... Jamar Sullivan that lives on Perry Ave? If so, tell me something about the house that was on Perry Ave. And tell me your brothers name. If it is the (JJ) that I know, I will reach out to you. This Is Tamaaya

Jamar Sullivan Posted 11 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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