July 17, 2011

Glad the Sunshine is Free

by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)


Sunday July 17, 2011

Hey World! What's up?

It's a beautiful sunny-blue day in California. It's summertime hot but not 2 bad - like some places. I'm doing alright 2day. Don't have much but I'm glad the sunshine is free. And the water. We r fortunate 2 be n a country where there is water 2 drink. One of my dreams is that the United Nations pass some kind of order that we immediately rectify all the problems folks have getting water. It sounds 2 big 2 tackle. But I believe it's doable.

Just a thought: put 2gether a team of surveyors, cartographers & whoever, 2 come up with a comprehensive plan to pipe clean, fresh drinking water n2 ALL the places where it is needed. The law would require every country on Earth 2 contribute what it can comfortably contribute. The labor force can be made-up of the people that will receive water. Digging wells is great, 2, and necessary - at least 4 now. But my vision is that Afrika be brought, as a whole, into the 21st century. Hasn't she suffered enough?

I'm sure I sound naive 2 some degree. But I believe that the work of the human race, collectively, is 2 design a system whereby there is good food and clean water 4 everybody every day, everywhere.

I'm a victim of malfeasance, racism, classism etc. at the hand of the judicial system. That said, I am also guilty of homicide. Homicide means someone was killed, they did NOT die of natural causes. But homicide does NOT mean murder. INvoluntary manslaughter means u caused the death but it was unintentional. Voluntary manslaughter means u intended 2 kill but there were mitigating factors, i.e. provocation, the heat of passion, etc. That means there was no "malice aforethought". No planning activity, it just happened - so 2 speak. 2nd degree murder & 1st degree murder r distinguished from each other by the fact that 1st degree requires proof of a definite plan to kill.

I caused the man's death. But it was NOT my intention. I didn't start the fight. During the fight I got stabbed 1st. (That alone constitutes a defense, "self-defense" or "unreasonable self-defense") and the fight was because I believed this man had stolen my wallet. After the terribly unfortunate incident they found my wallet in the middle of the back seat of his cab. He & I had looked all thru the car moments before, 2 no avail, so I returned 2 the apartment I shared with my friend. The point is: if the wallet had been there none of this would've ever happened. He had 2 have put the wallet back and then come up 2 the apartment where we subsequently fought & he died. I never made it back 2 the car. All of this happened in 15 minutes or so. I never knew this man.

I hope this isn't tasteless: I don't know what the Casey Anthony jury deliberated on. But I do understand that if you take the time 2 do it correctly it's hard work convicting somebody. I wish I had a jury that was painstaking. My trial was quick (a day & a 1/2?), the jury out for just a few hours, if that.

My trial transcript is a part of the public record. I sure do wish someone would offer me some legal assistance. But, whoever of u that can find the time 2 take an interest, read the transcript yourself. It was definitely tragic and unnecessary. But it falls under the laws of manslaughter - not murder. I've been in prison 21 years. Believe me, no one ever has 2 worry about me doing ANY kind of crime.

Besides that, I'm the best Luther Vandross impersonator that you'll never get 2 hear. When I get out I'm going straight 2 the recording studio :D la la la. Hey, real talk, if anyone wants 2 make a duet with "Luther" or "L.V." give me a holler. I could sing a jingle or do a charity record. There's got 2 b something I can do. All this talent going 2 waste. :)

It's my birthday tomorrow, same as Nelson Mandela - one of my heroes. I'm in need of a book that I can't find anywhere: Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge. I need it downloaded & mailed 2 me if possible. Maybe a little at a time. Correction 2 address, I'm now in C-12-217. Peace.

Thanks 4 reading on thru the madness. I need a few things that I've been trying 2 get on my own but found that I need assistance. That's 1 of the reasons this opportunity 2 blog is a blessing. But I also have a lot 2 give: 2 the world at large, and 2 the right somebody. I'm looking for Ms. Right 2 step n2 my life right about now. I've done all of the soul searching a man can do. And I found my soul, with God's help made it whole & now I'm ready 2 share it. I'm a good man in bad circumstances. But I already know God is going 2 give me another chance. I'm not gonna blow it. At this point in my life I need someone that's for real. And I'm looking for friends 2.

Anyone who has any ideas 4 me about this blog, feel free 2 e-mail me on this site. I'm learning. I happen 2 have started this at a real awkward time 4 me. I've been moving around & haterz giving me the blues just cuz they THINK I got something going on. If I'm going thru all of this I should at least have something cooking. :(

Well, this is the beginning of a new me. I'm going 2 do better & be better than I have ever been. The statistics tell a story & harbor an opinion. But a man standing in the heart of God, marches forth boldly against the odds, his future beckons, and destiny nods & says "It's been so long."

Hey people, tell any music producers u know that the best Luther V soundalike is in prison & he needs a little help getting out. I can sing jazz, rock, country - really.

May the forces of love uplift you

Peace & love

Zawadi Diamond


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