Nov. 4, 2013

My Soulful Cries: Eternal Life vs Death of Life

From The Unseen Face Of America A Prisoner Rant To Rave by Linniell Phipps (author's profile)


3 RANT TO RAVE 9-end-2013

My soulful cries 9-end-2013

Eternal life
Death of life

You invade my mist, peering through stormy clouds,
The earth carpet and the deep blues.
You wish me to play like Admiral Horatio Nelson.
You need not tell me your name.
Your love
Your help
The equivalent of a Louis the 14th prison.
My face is fashion out of velvet.
You wish that I only be known as M. de Marchiel
Even at my final resting place.
You're a:
A Lady Macbeth
A Rebecca
A serpent, with Machiavellian ways.
No! You need not tell me your name.
I know who you are.
The Black Death of the mid 14th century.
Grim Reaper,
The Styx,
Tower Hill,
Armageddon itself
Hiroshima! Never set to be rebuild healthy and anew.
A siren here to trick all to belief,
Only to be vandalize.
You'll betray me for 30 measly pieces of hold and
Feel no guilt unlike Judas.
My fate is not to capture only you,
For your sisters shall fall too.
Atropos, it's not something you cut to end life
But is filled with intoxicating milk of life.
An thousand!
That you're of those who do not cherish,
And denied such a blessing reward.
Polycrates I am not!


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